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Thread: The Politics and Current Events Thread

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    I like you Vahnati. Really I do. Your heart's in the right place.

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    So was Hitler's.

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    "You've spent a lot of time looking up facts and crunching numbers to help justify your faulty views and convince yourself that you have an idea of what's going on, congratulations."

    You know who else hates incessant, irritating "facts" and "numbers"? The Democratic and Republican parties (albeit namely the latter). Like you, they choose to believe what is going on based on their gut and intuition and morals.

    Also, here are some of the pundits who predicted a Romney landslide, for posterity: click.

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    There was an absurd amount of conspiracy theories going on about poll data this year. There was even a website dedicated to "unskewing" polls (, a site which has now been taken down) where it would remove "the bias" from national poll numbers. Of course, these figures, once "unskewed," showed Romney leading with +10%.

    The man behind the project has come out today and admitted that he is a moron. But at least he admitted it, so there's still hope for him.

    And of course, the national polls were dead-on this year, just as they usually are. This is what happens when people whose only political participation is reading Infowars think they know more than people with degrees and scientific models dating back half a century.

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    Didn't Starbucks get it right again? Best poll ever.

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    The octopus saw his shadow was funded by corporate conglomerates so I knew Obama was going to win.

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    Usedtabe: "I can't wait to see all the black people chimping out if Obama loses."

    "I think the white people are more likely to chimp out if Romney loses."

    Usedtabe: "Yeah, that won't happen, you'll never see that."

    Quote Originally Posted by Reality
    WMCTV reports that students interacting on social media, which resulted in 300-400 young people participating in the disturbance.

    Pictures posted on twitter showed people burning Obama campaign signs. The Clarion Ledger reports that students were heard shouting racial epithets about Obama and African Americans in general.

    Police were called to the scene and the crowd broke up around 12:30 a.m.

    Ironically, as reported by Buzzfeed, prior to Tuesday night conservative bloggers had warned of plots by black youth to riot if Obama lost the election, a charge that police dismissed.

    Whitey mad.

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    ...but y'know. It's not like he mad or anything.

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    "We should have a revolution in this country!"

    No chimping out here. And Obama did end up winning the popular vote, but I guess I can't expect truth from a man with a comb-over.

    Those tweets have since been deleted.

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    Finally white people are waking up to what works. Start a few riots and whine a lot and maybe you'll get your way.

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    My favorite is the last one. It's just so Pinky and the Brain. "Next time...THE WORLD!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    Finally white people are waking up to what works. Start a few riots and whine a lot and maybe you'll get your way.
    I love you.

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    I would laugh my ass off is Trump put his money behind something like he's talking about. Until then, shut up. He sounds like some retard trying to get the peasants to cause damage that he's not prepared to do himself when he's in literally the best position to start something if he was serious about it.

    I love you too boyfrien.

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    Trump is an asshole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General
    Despite my strongly held belief that the ‘legalization’ of marijuana on a state level is very bad public policy, voters can be assured that the Attorney General’s Office will move forward in assisting the pertinent executive branch agencies to implement this new provision in the Colorado Constitution.

    Coloradans should be cognizant of two caveats, however. First the ability of the federal government to criminally sanction possession, use and distribution of marijuana, even if grown, distributed and used in a single state, was recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Raich (545 US.1,2005). Therefore, absent action by Congress, Coloradans should not expect to see successful legal challenges to the ability of the federal government to enforce its marijuana laws in Colorado. Accordingly, I call upon the United States Department of Justice to make known its intentions regarding prosecution of activities sanctioned by Amendment 64 (particularly large wholesale grow operations) as soon as possible in order to assist state regulators and the citizens of Colorado in making decisions about the implementation of Amendment 64.

    Secondly, the proponents of Amendment 64 told voters that it imposed a surtax of up to 15 percent on marijuana sale that would result in up to $40 million each year going to K-12 schools in the state. In fact Amendment 64 did not comply with required language under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights and no such tax will be imposed. Instead it will be up to the Colorado Legislature whether to refer such a tax to the voters and up to the voters of Colorado whether to actually impose the tax. Therefore, such revenue is speculative and will not be forthcoming when Amendment 64 begins to be implemented.
    I don't smoke and I barely drink, save for social occasions. It's just such a stupid standard to have alcohol legal and not marijuana. I really hope DoJ will not be dicks about this, but I wouldn't bet money on it.

    Penn said it best. Reposting for posterity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiq View Post
    Trump is an asshole.
    I bet if we swapped him out with 70's Lex Luthor, it would take years for anyone to even notice.

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    Nate Silver predicted 50 out of 50 states correctly last night. Sales of his book are now soaring off the shelves post-Election. But again: The peasants know better than people with degrees and facts.

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    Generally speaking - Degrees do not equate "knowing better" y'know.

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    Yes it does. Not to be a dick about it (which of course means I'm about to be a dick about it), but a bum off the street rambling about politics is not going to have the insight of somebody with a PhD or even a Bachelor's in the field. The problem with this world is that nobody respects people who have put in their time into knowing what the hell they're talking about. Everybody thinks they can be on an equal footing without putting in the work and hitting up that level grind.

    They can't.

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    So people with degrees in Art...? <_<

    In keeping with me saying 'generally speaking'

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