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Thread: The Politics and Current Events Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revuhlooshun View Post

    "Oops, no bullets."
    Currently at the two minute mark, hoping someone drops an elbow

    edit - link to full story, thanks guy from Facebook!
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    He was trying to remove kebab. Serbia strong.

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    'Use Your Mandate' Formed To Pressure Chuck Hagel On LGBT Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    A new group made up mostly of Democrats and independents...

    ...according to a source close to the group who declined to be named in order to speak openly.

    ...Hagel's "extremist" views on Israel, guns, women's reproductive rights and LGBT issues make him the "wrong choice" for secretary of defense.

    ...those involved are choosing to stay anonymous because they are allies with the Obama administration and hesitant to criticize the president publicly or fear retribution or pressure from the White House.
    Some Republican bullshittery going on here. Anonymous members, "extremist views on Israel," fear of retribution--yeah, sure, they sound like some "Democrats," if they say so. Name up or shut up.

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    His position only has him addressing Israel and to some extent guns, but not for the civilian. So why does his position on the other issues matter in his current role?

    >doesn't think we should support Israel as much as we do
    >"extremist view"

    "oh vey it's like he's holocausting six billion Jews all over again"

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    My view on Israel is that it seems weird to have a view on Israel. As naive as it sounds I sincerely just don't get it. What, are Jews special or something? Not seeing how their particular piece of land has any real strategic value. If it's even their land. Maybe there's some Indiana Jones shit buried there, I really don't know. If anyone could explain that to me like I'm five, I'd appreciate it.

    My best guess is that its religious associations are such a big deal to so many people that the governments have had to step in. That about right? I'd love to have an absolute separation of church and state, yet I can see why factors such as these have to be considered.

    As far as Hagel, the Sir says nope all over that. Dude sounds like one of those fundamentalist Christian wackos and I don't want people like him being in control of half the nuclear option. When someone's beliefs reflect a religion that presents the end of the world as a potentially good thing, I don't want them to actually be able to end the world. It seems like a generally bad idea to me, all the way around.

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    I'd rather have someone who doesn't care for Israel in that position than some Zionist freak ready to blast all of Israel enemies because "we allies". Israel needs to fight their own wars that they love instigating without our money or our tech or our armed support. Cut them off, they're done. I don't think the US has had a worse ally in it's history.

    Also, agree with Rev it's probably Republicans pulling this shit. Due to their view of Christianity they're basically Israel's bitch and will viciously attack anything that doesn't toe the line.

    @ Legendhead : You know of Varg right? Norwegian death metal pagan? He's been blogging and he wrote something along the lines of current conversation. I'll PM it to ya if you're interested.

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    All of what you said there sounds correct to me.

    The Varg link, yeah I know who Varg is, he's been mentioned in certain books of mine as you may imagine. Ha! Yeah, he was a good example of secular activism gone too far, or something like that. I know of what he did while in Burzum but not anything he's written since. Just go ahead and post a link here if you want. If it's as good as Aurini it'll probably wind up being posted somewhere around here anyway, so might as well. Or pm, whichever you prefer. I'm good either way, and thanks.

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    Knowing Varg you should know it's probably a little too extremist for here lol. But what do you expect from a dude who burned down churches to rid his homeland of what he considered "parasitic Christianity"?

    In reference to your other post it should be known that there are many Jews who despise Israel and it's policies. The term Zionist is more fitting because it encompasses everyone as there are many non-Jews who are hardcore for Israel as well.

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    The thing that gets me about opinions on Israel in this country is that not Israelis themselves are so fucking bloodthirsty. Most Israelis see a war with Iran as suicidal (evidence) and a majority support the formation of a Palestinian state (evidence). Yet when these topics come up in U.S. discourse, you either toe the Likud line or you're a jackbooted brown shirt. It's really absurd and almost comical when you sit down and compare the two.

    That Vice goodness.

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    According to the second source concerning Israelis supporting a Palestinian state the pool polled was only 800. I'm not as nuanced in statistical data but is that a decent number to derive information from?

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    Yes. The standard poll sample size is around 500-1,000, and that's across the entire field of statistics. Any worthy, credible poll you will find on any subject will have a sample size of around 500-1,000. It may seem small, but a good sample will specifically target diverse respondents from different backgrounds to get an accurate average of opinions.

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    Cool. Thanks for the info.

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    Public polling has come a long way in the last century. After taking statistics courses and seeing how that sausage is made, I tend to put a lot of stock in them unless they have glaringly obvious flaws in their methodology (an incredibly small sample size, poor phrasing of the questions, no random selection). The amount of work that goes into making a good poll is absurd: I spent damn near 20 minutes on some equations in that class, only to then make one little mistake somewhere along the way that forced me to redo the bitch. I hated every fucking minute of that class, but I'm glad that I took it for the perspective.

    Here's a pretty good paper on the subject from a PoliSci professor:

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    Due to their view of Christianity they're basically Israel's bitch and will viciously attack anything that doesn't toe the line.
    I very much doubt that the conservative leadership is driven to any significant extent on this issue (or any others, frankly) by religious considerations, at least anywhere beyond giving them another phantom carrot to dangle in front of their evangelical supporters; I see it much more as an excuse to keep military spending up, which makes it easier to 1) Keep holding a gun to the heads of the other nation in the area and help ourselves to their resources, even if that means propping up dictatorships (which closes the "we're under constant threat, and thus must keep spending" loop nicely), and 2) Complain about how out-of-control government spending is, and why it must be cut everywhere except here.

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    Agreed. I should have said the base that they pander to. Most Christians I know and read about are ultra pro-Israel and would love to send our forces to fight for them.

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    I wonder if people said the same thing about MLK during his run?

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    That one individual post doesn't necessarily establish that the writer wants it to happen, just that it would be no surprise if it did. I voted for the man both times and it made sense to me.

    Then I clicked on the link and was like, "oh. She's one of them"

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    Of course, you know what our response will be.


    Note: title is misleading as he never outright says that. But his implications are important.
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    I hope Ron Paul takes a belt to his boy. Time to cut the parasite loose, cold turkey.

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