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Thread: Politics thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    So, what does everyone think about General Petraeus's resignation as the director of the CIA?

    I always think it's lame as shit whenever a political figure needs to resign from his office because of something menial involving their personal life.

    I've also heard some hilarious Republican conspiracy theories about how this marks a coverup because Petraeus resigned days before he was supposed to testify about Benghazi in court and how this is related to Iran firing up the US Drones in our intel airspace.
    I generally agree, people in politics seem to resign for a lot of stuff that should never really matter if they're doing their job right, but Rev's kind of got a point.

    Also, yowser, I totally don't blame him.

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    Yes. He has more incentive to disclose current U.S. intel longer having access to current U.S. intel.

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    Yeah, the Russians and Chinese are dying for that year-old shit that's not even actionable anymore. But then again, this is from the same dude that thinks Spanish is an equally desirable language in intelligence analysis as Mandarin and Arabic, and who thinks leaving yourself open to blackmail as a CIA director is a quaint notion.


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    Oh no, some spoiled brat on the internet who got butthurt cause he's wrong just said I have no life. Oh what will I do, innernets? I could not have foreseen this! Save me, Mountain Dew!

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    Eh idk man. If someone lets themselves be literally seduced by a journalist then yeah, they're a security risk. It's kind of like a drug dealer having a thing for an undercover cop.

    Also, just ignore this post because I don't wanna fuck up y'all's snap contest.

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    No dude, that's a stereotype. Stop living in the past. It's totally kosher as CIA director to give your journalist mistress access to your computer and email accounts. This is 2012, not 1950.

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    I agree. The CIA is dying for gringos with broken Spanish and mommy issues.

    I also can't imagine the CIA director working from home off-hours. Ever. I can't understand why the FBI would care about that email account either. Surely it's just full of shitty chain mail.

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    There should be a Destructoid escort service in DC. We could be Bond villains you guys. All the intel would be ours.

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    The director of the CIA got burned.

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    Rev, you need to tone shit down. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean you get to act like a dick.

    Gatsby, you're wrong on this. Having an extramarital affair in the CIA is going to lead to revocation of security clearance. Anything that someone can use against you as leverage makes you compromised, even if it becomes public. Which is why he did exactly what he should have done and resigned. And that's a fucking shame, because he was a great pick for the job. Following his dick cost not only himself but the country.

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    I would have no problem with either Rev or Gatsby being a dick, if it weren't for them both being two of the worst trash-talkers alive.

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    Rev always goes straight to personal attacks, followed quickly by posting memes and macro images. Seeing him in an argument is always amusing in a small way.

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    Oops, you heard my name. The sense was tingling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by umberhulk View Post
    I would have no problem with either Rev or Gatsby being a dick, if it weren't for them both being two of the worst trash-talkers alive.
    I don't know man, I've never seen you post anything relevant to "trash talk" so I'm gonna have to question your judging credentials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revuhlooshun View Post
    Oops, you heard my name. The sense was tingling.
    Nah, I just always creep this thread. I don't follow politics enough to feel like piping up on most of the stuff that goes on. But I always find it fascinating to see what's got your heads ticking in here and what everybody's up to.

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    I trash talk all the time and giggle at my own posts. Even more than Rev.

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    That's impossible. Nobody giggles more than me.

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    Presented without comment.

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    For extra credit look at the racial makeup of those poorest educated states.

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