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Thread: Grand Theft Auto V

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Fuck Just Cause 2. Hate that game. It wasn't fun silly, just silly silly.
    It would have been so much better with a New Game + feature. You couldn't restart the story without losing your progress towards completion. I'd get to around 50% and then start over because it got boring. By the time I hit 75% I was like, ok it's time to trade this. The funny thing is, there's not much in the full game that's not in the demo. You get new weapons, vehicles, etc. but the basic gameplay never really evolves.

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    Any size GTA is too big without a decent amount of sandbox activities... Which is exactly what I thought about GTA4. Conversely, no GTA is too big if it does have a decent amount of sandbox activities.

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    Every GTA ever is fucking terrible.

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    I could swear you used to say things that weren't just contrary bullshit once upon a time but I am becoming increasingly unsure of it.

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    Say what you want, Bird, but I just can't roll with infinite parachutes. That game is shit.

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    Just Cause 2? Hell, the story was throw away and sandboxing severely lacking but the scale alone makes me respect it. Plus, the multiplayer mod.

    Quote Originally Posted by umberhulk View Post
    Everytime I see you post it seems like you're really exercising some bug up your ass, but I guess I just don't check the threads you're not being like that in.

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    Can't think of one other thread that I've acted like that in.

  9. 12-08-2012, 02:55 PM
    Whoops, wrong thread.

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    "NRRARNRARH Nice new tits by the way!"

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    Yeah. I will force myself to listen hard to this game's radio after I foolishly ignored it in GTA IV. I love that Grove Street Families appears to be a gang in the game.

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    The talk radios are fun as hell.

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    Will they be releasing gameplay trailers at some point? Story trailers are incredibly boring for me.

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    I wouldn't count on an official gameplay trailer, but maybe previews will show something, I guess.

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    Watching other people play games is incredibly boring for me.

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    I'm not asking for a let's play bird brain, but I would like to see any changes made between games.

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    It's a GTA game, so I know exactly what to expect gameplay-wise, but I really want to see how the characters overlap and switch during missions.

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    They write that with words sometimes.

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    Pictures say more than words?

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