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Thread: Grand Theft Auto V

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    Back on topic, I fucking loved the driving in GTA IV, I don't want that shit changed

    But from the general opinion out there I seem to be part of a minority.

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    I liked it, but the suspension just felt weird. It's probably for the best.

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    umberhulk's Avatar
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    Absolutely hated it. And since driving is the only thing I like in GTA, I stopped playing mid-tutorial. It fucking sucked.

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    The tutorial car was shit. If that's true you're a terrible person. Well, even if it isn't true you're still terrible.

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    I don't blame him. The driving was shit on a shit rope draped on a shit stick being flown around by a shit hawk. Seriously, it was shit.

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    The driving was fine. The helicopter flying was all that stuff about shit Used just posted.

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    The driving, shooting and flying was pretty much the best there will ever be ever, everything Used said is true for the bowling minigame.

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    Maybe it was fine if you weren't used to the superior Saint's Row 2/previous GTAs driving.

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    A fair criticism I often hear is how the camera is off-centre on the cars.

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    I think we can all agree that video game driving reached its apex with Crash Team Racing, and it's been downhill since then.

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    Not 007 Racing?

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    Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing would like a word with you.

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    They can have all the words, but they're wrong.

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    Bet you haven't even played SASASR.

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    But you're wrong and I don't need to play CTR to know it. I mean who played anything other than Mario Kart before it became trash?

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    How're you gonna use my own defense against me? Terrible.

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    So is playing anything other than Mario Kart pre Wii era.

    Also, Fuzion Frenzy > all of the Mario Partys.

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    I didn't mind the driving in GTA IV, because I adapt in games. However, flying a fucking helicopter?? Fuck that noise. That was the hardest bullshit I have ever experienced in any game, ever.

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