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Thread: Grand Theft Auto V

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    Better buy two copies then, one to play with, the other to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    Xbox 360 Day One. Going to lock myself away for a week with it.
    These games always seem to come out when I'm not in a position to get it. Fucking Rockstar.

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    I really hope that I don't have exams after or around the time it comes out, it might really cause my GTA V to suffer.

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    Certainly the timing will be awful to me as well

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    Yeah, life is such an asshole, gettin in the way of GTA and shit.

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    Stupid first life.

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    Nothing like lifes 3, 4 and 5.

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    There's no obvious GTA IV thread, or none I can find because VBull hates searching initialisations, so I'll say here that GTA IV and the Episodes from Liberty City are the current XBL Deals of the Week... for all of nobody who would care. Maybe there's somebody out there who doesn't have them all on Steam for a fraction of those prices already and don't even have a PC. Maybe.

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    I had thought he made this one. I think you must probably be right. Metal Gear Megathread is gone too.

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    That was pretty jerky to have all of his posts removed. I still love him.

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    Have they talked about the driving physics yet?

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    I assume it's going to be not too different to GTA IV since it looks like an upgrade of the same engine.

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    Wait, what happened to Aurain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by umberhulk View Post
    Have they talked about the driving physics yet?
    It was mentioned in the Game Informer article, iirc.
    They have changed it, I think it said something about them being less floaty. Or maybe I'm thinking of some other game, I DON'T KNOW.

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    They said the center of mass is lower so the cars won't wobble as much.

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    I liked them fine in IV but then I'd like it fine if Rockstar tied me down and shat on me as long as it was called GTA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Wait, what happened to Aurain?
    He requested Mxy delete his account, and all his posts.

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    Personal reasons.

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