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Thread: Forums upgrades notification thread of beauty and justice

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    Forums have been loading slowly on chrome for ages with me. Both on my probably malware-ridden PC and my probably malware-ridden netbook and the disease-covered machines at University.

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    Too many torrents Mr Bird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    The forums have been loading super slow on desktop chrome and now youtube videos are being replaced with "ADVERTISEMENT" on mobile chrome.
    Noticed some slowdown last night, but seems fine now and YouTube videos appear normal on mobile chrome for me. Still happening for you?

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    Yeah youtube videos still not showing up. EDIT :cleared cache and they show up fine now.

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    Weirdness. Still running slow in Chrome, or has that cleared up too?

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    Yeah, it is. A cache wipe helped for a second but it's still slow, mainly when coming from the subscriptions page.

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    Are you connected through Facebook? Try logging out of Facebook and clearing your cache, I think that's what's causing it.

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    Nah, no Facebook connection but it did start gradually getting better before I left the office at noon today. Haven't tried it at home yet but it was almost back to normal when I left.

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    Huh, in both Firefox & Chrome being logged into Facebook Connect slows everything down, but goes back to normal after logging out.

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    Grunchkin's laptop was still slow so I signed out of Facebook(even though it's not connected to here) and it worked like a charm.

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    Niero says there's some tech tests going on that might be causing some weirdness, but I honestly think it's Facebook lagging shit up. I'll see if I can dig up more info .

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    I don't use Chrome myself because it touched me in a private place.
    Also I couldn't if I wanted to because I use public library computers.
    Internet Explorer! Woo!
    Oh, if you excuse me, a homeless man is trying to touch me in a private place right now.
    Last edited by Old Lion; 07-20-2013 at 06:08 PM. Reason: homeless man with strange smell tried to diddle me, and forgot to put post lower so name doesn't block

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    Okay I've had enough of it. Anyone else using Dtoid Dark and have a problem with hyperlinks? The font colour for links are the same as the default font for any text. I would have thought someone might say something about this already but I guess not. This had led to me skimming text with the mouse for things I can click on when a hyperlink placement isn't obvious within the text.

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    Dark basically doesn't work because it's half-assed.

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    The fix sounds pretty easy though. It's just a colour for a particular type of font that needs to be changed.

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    It's deeper than that. When I was doing my last c-blog I found a few formatting combinations that would work on one site colour and not the other.

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    these still don't have a direct link to the latest post made.

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    Chrome / Windows 7 64 bit

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