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Thread: The Unofficial Dtoid Twitter group

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    I make it a habit to only follow people that make their tweets private. Everyone else goes on lists to break down conversations, so everything isn't in just one big, muddled feed that I don't feel like comprehending. It also helps avoid spamming/retarded shit.

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    This? This right here? This is why I don't venture into the forums. mrandydixon is online now
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    Fair enough. Most of my tweets are spam/retarded, anyway, so you're probably better off

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    Yeah... the dead rising 2/manic maverick-tweeting instance last year, as awesome as it was, kinda proved beyond doubt how useful lists are. Hah.

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    Sorry about what? I don't mind more people following me. But hopefully no one takes it personal that I don't follow them back. They'll see they're one of my my lists instead though.

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    OH right, yours was private... heh
    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Bloodspray View Post
    WTF, Nihil?

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    I was going for a "saw what you did there" because @wtfNihil...

    I'm so lonely.

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    aw. dont be ronery.

    here, i forro u

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    I don't make it a habit of following every single person that follows me.

    No offense, but I don't care what everybody has to say on this thing. If they want to see what I put on it that's fine, but I hate people's self righteous "I followed you, you have to follow me now!" attitude towards it.

    Thanks for the include though. Follow me if you want to see me carefully balance my real life and internet life, without letting the people of either group find out about the other.

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    This? This right here? This is why I don't venture into the forums. mrandydixon is online now
    5,455 posts since Aug 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Aurain View Post
    I just usually end up clicking follow on the dudes who follow for the sake of it.
    That's pretty much how I feel about it. I think of it as kind of a respect thing, like, "Hey, you're interested in me, so I'll at least pretend to be interested in you."

    There are a ton of people I follow who I pay next to no attention to. It's pretty easy to just scroll on by.

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    @SpeedNutCV here. Unlike Facebook I enjoy having 3 twitter accounts: 1 for work, 1 for gaming, and 1 for sports

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    I'm @HoFT013. I'm not addicted to Twitter, so I don't tweet as much, but I still like it. I'm not all about "oh, I got [insert number] followers!" or anything, but I do enjoy when an actual human rather than a bot follows me, lol.

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    I'm little more active on Twitter than here, witch means not very active at all. But I might occasionally tweet something video game related, so it's relevant to your interests. Right?

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    When did this pop up? I've been keeping one since long before twitter was cool.


    It was spawned out of the social networking thread and I've tried to keep it updated. Looks like there's some more that I missed though in recent times.

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    @Arch649 for me.

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    @Rexwolff2 over here! The two f's are kind of a long story...

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    @MowDownJoe here. It gets some use, mostly just for Google to spew out messages about when I post stuff to YouTube.

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