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Thread: The Unofficial Dtoid Twitter group

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    The Unofficial Dtoid Twitter group

    One of my favourite things about the current generation/evolution of Dtoid, and more importantly the community it's self is having a bunch of you guys on my Twitter list, and having Twitter on my phone.

    It's like having a Dtoid chatroom, in my pocket, all day, i love it and i love you guys.

    So I figured I might try to expand this little clique we have and as Twitter is an optional-response type communication device it makes it nice and easy to follow people and join, or just read Dtoider conversations.

    There are a few of us linked up on Twitter and we discuss all kinds of gaming, non gaming, destructoid and non-destructoid stuff, you should so come along a join in!

    Dtoiders on Twitter, so far, to the best of my knowledge, I may have missed you off the list, so please let me know and i'll add you to it....

    Sexual Chocolate
    Jon Bloodspray
    Ali D
    Death by Lumber
    Zodiac Eclipse
    Jay Hitcher/Jhitcher42
    Allen Park/Senor Doucheoisie

    (Thanks for linking them all Aurain, do you like, need a job or something?! x)

    Also there are all the editors, but we all follow those guys anyway right? And they're probably inundated with tweets and don't get chance to respond much, but the rest of us chat like some kind of little virtual family.

    As i say, there are some people on my list who i "think" are Dtoid related, but can't tell because they're not proud enough to put Dtoid in their Twitter bio, either that or i just can't remember their Dtoid name!

    if you want adding to the list (because you're a follower whore, just follow the rest of us and we'll follow you back) just shout.

    On the flipside, if i've just blown your anonimity, ruined your witness protection scheme, or joined two worlds you would rather keep seperate, then let me know and i'll scrub you from the list, you secretive hermit type person you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexualchocolate View Post
    myself = @foolishbean
    Tarvu = @Twitarvu
    Chromatogram = @Chromatogram
    Magnalon = @Chris_Magnalon
    Jon Bloodspray = @Jon_Bloodspray
    Nyktharas = @nyktharas
    GarethxxGod = @Garethxxgod
    Jesse7277 (used t be called Videodrone perhaps?) = @Jesse7277
    Subenu = @Subenu
    Watermanx = @Watermanx
    Mrandydixon =@mrandydixon
    Xzyliac = @Xzyliac
    Tarvu = @Twitarvu
    Yes, I do need mentioning twice.

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    He has a biased and obviously wants to know how to stalk you too.

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    @Aurain and Tarvu = my bad, I put Tarvu_ instead of Aurain_ and replaced it with the wrong one, hence 2 Tarvu's and no Aurain! Fixed.

    you're at the top now Aurain, Because you're the bestest.

    This list is a little Euro-centric, just because those are the guys i tend to chat with, hence the guys (and girls) in my following list. Not to say I don't chat with the US dtoiders, just that not many of them have joined my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Bloodspray View Post
    Are there only 2 non BritEuros on that list?

    I count 7 people who i "think" are non Brit/Euros. Or do you mean Euro's who aren't also Brits? i dunno.

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    I don't even know what I meant. It's 7 am here and I haven't slept yet.

    It is a privilege and an honor to be on any list of this sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Bloodspray View Post
    I don't even know what I meant. It's 7 am here and I haven't slept yet.

    It is a privilege and an honor to be on any list of this sort.
    Fair do's man, it's 11:51am here and I should really wake up too. Been at work for 2 hours and 51 minutes and can't even type a twitter list properly! Imagine how shit my work would be if I would get off of Dtoid and actually do any?!?!

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    It's a hard life, working in a male whore house.

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    Also also, you should hyperlink all of these so I don't have to do the legwork myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurain View Post
    I think we should delete random letters to make tarvu do more work.
    Oh man I would love to make life harder (in the pants) for Tarvu, but that's just mean.

    When i get home (in about 4.5 hours) I'll roll a joint, get comfy in my den with the Macbook, and "try" to hyperlink these motherfuckers, just. for. you.

    it's just right?

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    My twitter is amazing, my link should be in bold and CAPS LOCK.

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    <-- @Zombicarus

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    I almost never use twitter, but follow me anyway so I'll continue to have more followers than Zodiac.

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    We're not fighting... I just got this black eye when I fell down the stairs.

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    8,439 posts since Mar 2009

    I think I got skipped on there.

    My twitter

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    Will add you guys to the OP later when the forums straighten themselves out, something about a new version or something, it's allweird, can't seem to edit the OP.

    Will do later though!

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    mrandydixon's Avatar
    This? This right here? This is why I don't venture into the forums. mrandydixon is offline
    5,595 posts since Aug 2010
    A few more from my list:

    wtfNihil (Nihil... even though the motherfucker doesn't follow me back)
    CaptPenguin (LawofThermalDynamics)
    Tee_Ball_Bat (Occams electric toothbrush)
    TheDiscoPony (AwesomeExMachina)

    I tried to avoid duplicates. If I fucked up, DEAL WITH IT.

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