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Thread: Telltale Walking Dead

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    Telltale Walking Dead

    About a month ago there were rumors of a walking dead game possibly in the works. as a huge fan of the comics the only people I thought would be able to pull off the style of game that Walking Dead would need to be were Telltale.
    Today I booted up the front page and was completely excited when I saw this news. And not just walking dead but also Fables. another great comic series (to be honest though I'm only 2 trades into it).

    It seems like a great studio to do comic book games. the watchmen beat 'em up was completely disappointing, maybe a point and click adventure would have suited that IP much better.

    I believe that this is great news? does anybody feel differently? what other direction would you like to see these games take. and if you think its good what would you like to see in these games?

    Heres the link to todays article.
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    Buh. Expectations are low.

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    I REALLY dig Telltale's stuff, and love both The Walking Dead and Fables. Definitely getting both of these.

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    If telltale is to work on these games, it'll probably be point and click, and I don't see how The Walking Dead can be a point and click without turning out to be awkward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glazier213 View Post
    If telltale is to work on these games, it'll probably be point and click, and I don't see how The Walking Dead can be a point and click without turning out to be awkward.
    Hamza's Jurassic Park preview said that game plays sort of like Heavy Rain, utilized QTEs and whatnot. He was using a 360 controller to play. Telltale might be going that route for The Walking Dead & Fables, but until more info is released who knows?

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    I will be all over this, and pretty much every other game they announced. I do wish they'd have said there was a new Sam and Max, but the last one just came out.

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    I would be very surprised if a point-and-click video game of The Walking Dead will be anywhere near as awesome as the TV show. Even if it is Telltale.

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    I don't know the TV show was Okay The last episode really left a bad taste in my mouth. I think if it sticks closer to the comic and uses the Heavy Rain system (I know its not the System but for lack of better words thats what I'm saying) that they said they are using on Jurassic Park it should be awesome.

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    After playing Episode 2 I bumped The Walking Dead's television show thread, now that I played Episode 3 I'm bumping your thread, Sam.

    I like 3 a lot more than 2. They've all been great so far, but 2 forced the player into making dumb decisions and into idiotic positions. In 3 there wasn't any of that horror movie cliche stuff, and the decisions you have to make are a lot tougher. Many times I found myself second guessing what I did and my motives for doing it, which is rare for a video game that isn't a Western RPG. I really can't wait until all the episodes are out and I complete them on this run, because I'm definitely going to replay them all and see how differently things turn out across the entire "series".

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    i played through 1 & 2 this weekend, 2 was crazy but like you said forces you into some dumb decisions

    so far i'm loving it though, i can see myself shift towards being the goody goody and just trying to survive both in the game and in my mindset towards the characters

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    I need to finish episode 2, but I can't afford episode 3, and I know I'll want to purchase it immediately after finishing 2.


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    I've played through episodes 1 and 2 so far. 3 will be conquered today probably. I'm really liking the character development that carries on. I've found myself hating characters I originally liked and vice versa as the game goes on.

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    just started 2. Will try to finish later.

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    I was planning on playing this before and during my flight home, but its being buggy for me. The dialoge options within the first 5 minutes of episode 3 aren't lining up with the decisions I made last chapter. I'm not going to play it if its not the story I've worked towards.

    Ep2 Spoilers:

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    Any indication that TT will release a physical copy of TWD like they did with Jurassic Park?

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    finished up episode 3, shit is fucked yo

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    Holy fucking shit. I played the latest episode of the game today and damn.


    Top notch shit.

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    Just finished up ep 4


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    Regarding Ben:


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    I won this game in a competition (my zombie survival plan is badass apparently) and I've played Ep 1 & 2 so far. I got to play the next episode[s] and the fucking game is acting weird. The graphics have chunks missing, like people will be missing half a face etc. I've changed nothing on my PC since playing the previous two episodes and I already troubleshooted the issue, made sure that the options are correct in the Catalyst Control Center etc. I'm so peeved because I really want to continue playing.

    P.S: Thanks for marking spoilers guys <3

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