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Thread: Title Shots...

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    Title Shots...

    So I've decided to draw pics based on folks' custom titles. Up first I did Aurain's 'Bearjection':

    Next I'm working on Usedtabe's 'Honkey Kong', then I'm going to be doing random ones from there on out until I run out of titles I think I can do anything with.


    Usedtabe- 'Honkey Kong':

    Digtastik- 'Supreme Dick Tater':

    Mollygos- 'Maiden Knight of Des'Truct':

    Nihil- 'Rape Genie':

    Changston- 'Ray of Sunshine':

    Zodiac Eclipse- 'MOMerator':

    Zombielifecoach- '2008. Wildwood, New Jersey':

    Jon Bloodspray- 'You know what ol' Bloodspray always says at a time like this?':

    Ali D- 'Beard Master':

    Ruckus- 'The Most Fuckable Omeganaut':

    de BLOO- 'It's DEE (pause) BLOO. Not DEBLOO. >:(':

    Icarus Kills- 'Smooth Operator':

    Sir Legendhead- 'Is the hero this Forum deserves':

    ArcticFox- 'Billy Corgan's Guardian Angel':

    Tomasz- Doesn't have a fucking title, so here's a thing:

    Allen Park- 'Beer Sensei':

    Aerox- 'J-Ro':

    PappaDukes- 'Pow! Right in the kisser!':

    PappaDukes- 'Pow! Right in the kisser!' take two:

    JJMccallum- 'Scotland's Response to Deadpool':

    Mecegirl- 'Purveyor of Fine Ladies':

    Tarvu- 'THE MR.E BIRD':

    Mxyzptlk- 'Admin, Fifth Dimensional Imp':

    JackShadow- 'Miss TARDIS 2011':

    Gyrael- 'Keeper of the Reals':

    Poopface Morty- 'King Internets':

    Buddha- 'Titles are for jerks.':

    Danl Haas- 'Danl Cottontail':

    Serpentish- 'Cuddly Cancer':

    Mikey- 'ART GOD':

    ChillyBilly- 'WALLPAPER GOD':

    bushofghosts- 'Goddess of Pixel Art':


    Cataract- 'BearJazz':

    Mr. Gobbldigook- No title, but: 'I don't even have a title but I want zp to draw me as nori. or as the prettiest girl at ohionarp.':

    gatorsax2010- 'I don't need a title I AM Disneyworld.':

    Husky Hog- 'Opened the bar.':

    Gobun- 'Haggis Kimchi':

    Panchromatic- 'Volatile Keyboard Viking':

    Slowey- 'If it bleeds, He can kill it':

    Mighty Hatman- 'That's not a knife...':

    aborto thefetus- 'Wants to be the very best. Like no one ever was.':

    Zippyduda- 'The Italian Stallion':

    MrSadistic- 'Loves you':

    Volkarin- 'Sarah Michelle Rodriguez':

    N7- "I don't have a title but if you ever wanted to draw a Cho-Aniki or Muscle March inspired Avi of me I'd totally rock it hahaha":

    Mr Andy Dixon- 'This? This right here? This is why I don't venture into the forums.' / "I have a shitty title but if you ever wanted to draw a pic of a unicorn boning me up the arse I'd totally rock it.":

    Mr. Gobbldigook- 'Frodo Bangins':

    bbrigg- 'Totally fine with skeezers':

    Usedtabe- A shot for his title that never was; 'Taste the Rainbow':

    Mix- 'King of Ties 'n' Gifs 'n' Shit':

    Dexter345- 'Wolf Master':

    MATRiX- 'Trolls Softly':

    Turbokill- 'Fin Sahrot Dovahkodaav':

    panchromatic - 'Barslayer':

    lv99ron- 'Sausage':

    Panzadolphin56- 'Fuck u, u r not a dolphin':

    Victor- 'Screw you, Birdman':

    Cyber Altair- 'Jeff Goldblum':

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    I approve this.

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    You're amazing.

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    Posting in thread in hopes my title gets seen and drawn.

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    Also, what Josh said.

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    I have no reason to care.

    ← Haha, I just started caring. Thanks Aurain!
    Last edited by Sir Legendhead; 02-10-2011 at 10:53 PM. Reason: new title

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    Just when I think ZP couldn't get any cooler he does something like this. Highly approve!

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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ZP!

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    Worst thread ever.

    Until I get a title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    I have no reason to care.
    Combo breaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tray Ben View Post
    Combo breaker
    Combo starter

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    You are fucking amazing ZP. I propose we all get these printed on shirts for Dtoid events so we can all differentiate each other.

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    ...shortly followed by a circle jerk

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    ...with a full blown orgy thereafter

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    Of course.

    I can't imagine a better way to break the shirts in.

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    *sigh* I don't have a title.

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    Maybe if we knew who the fuck you were, someone would give you one.

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    Does that mean I get a title? Aurain and jhitcher42 know who I am

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