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Thread: Philadelphia retrogaming meetup

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    Philadelphia retrogaming meetup

    Some buddies and I are setting up a regular retrogaming meetup in Philadelphia and I'd like to cordially invite ALL OF YOU!

    We don't have a set venue yet but once we get a good idea of how many people are coming and what they'll be bringing everything can be set in stone.

    So are any of you in or around Philly and wanna throw down in some Street Fighter?

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    I'll make sure Dtoid Penn leadership sees this and gets in contact with you!

    And if you arent on their emailer already, check it out below!

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    Totally, 100% approve of this. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, work schedule has kept me off the forums as of late. By all means, post to the Penn Google Group about these things! I'm sure we can get a solid contingent out to this thing.

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