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Thread: top ten video game music

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    top ten video game music

    After reading Dale North's list of muzak, I've decided to share my top ten with the dtoiders. Here we go

    #10 Dan's Theme ( Street Fighter Zero 2 Gold)

    This was one of the reasons I have a bromance with Dan. Out of all of the serious arranged versions of the music, this one just warms my heart with goofiness. This also is my day starter. I love to prepare my day with this.
    Also, synthesizer soloz.

    #9 Andy Asteroids? (Earthworm Jim)
    Before there was banjo kazooie, or ellis from left 4 dead 2, Jim was king of the rednecks. And he proved it with this badass theme. Banjos and fiddles and random sounds make this bonus stage a trip.

    #8 Wind Waker theme (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
    After getting tired of the stale standard design form OoT and Majoras Mask, I welcomed windwaker to my collage of Gamecube games everyone should play. The theme was awesome, soaring through the scenery of the Ocean, listening to fiddles and harps whistle throught my mind told me that this game would be awesome.

    #7 Crash Bandicoot: Warped theme (CB: Warped)
    This theme was total warped. And this was the start of the staple theme of future CB themes. Also listening to Uka Uka say warped was awesome.

    #6 Killer Instinct Theme (Killer Instinct)
    This theme was total metal. One of the best riffs to ever exist in VGs. Having the killer cuts cd with my KI cartridge was fucking awesome as well.
    Rare, please come back.

    #5 Halo 3 Score/Intro Theme (Halo 3)
    Yup. Pretty much. Of course it had the staple theme in the beginning, this theme also came with the score "never forget". One of the most emotional songs to listen through in matchmaking. Still listen to it when I play reach.

    #4 The Gardens (LittleBig Planet)
    Flute. Soloz. Awesome. One of the best world 1 songs ever, and I hope they'll bring back just the song for LBP2...ill just make the song.

    #3 Jazzy NYC Latin Mix (Street Fighter 3)
    Really is a good song to use when you try to describe an urban jungle. The song is just bliss when you fight with Alex (the only new yorker, loozas) and I hope this song makes it in SF3 online edition

    #2 Yoshis Story End Credits Theme ( Yoshis Story)
    This song make me cry. It does a good job of explaining the innocence of the yoshis, with the off tune chorus, and sad wails. It made me felt like a yoshi died, and that's something I never want to experience.

    #1 The Concept of Love ( Jet Set Radio Future)
    Best. Song. Ever. No exceptions. Best intro theme made by one otf the most funkiest composers ever, Hideki Nagamura. And I listen to it while slate dances in the garage.

    Honorable Mention : I wanna take you for a ride (Marvel Vs Capcom 2)
    I don't care how annoying it is, I takes bitches for rides online in MvC2,

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