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Thread: Bioshock: Infinite

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    Remememdy you suck at every video game we've both played why you even talking

    "BioShock Infinite will probably be good" -The Ultimate consensus every BioShock thread ever.

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
    1,556 posts since Feb 2008

    Uh 3rd best in gears? I'll take my bronze please.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    I don't know about that, I'm hella comfortable at 1st, Rob at 2nd, and Grunchkin at 3rd.

    You can make a case for Usedtabe, at 12th.

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
    1,556 posts since Feb 2008

    When someone gets me Halo 4 for Christmas cause they don't know good videogames I will surely prove that I am the best at merely being competent.

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    1/10. Would've scored higher if you said someone believable in 3rd like ZP or KD. Wait....

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    jackdan594's Avatar
    89 posts since Oct 2011
    Delayed again! D: At least its just a month this time

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    Stevil's Avatar
    9,554 posts since Jun 2010

    Yeah, but it's on my birthday, so I'm not too fussed.

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    jackdan594's Avatar
    89 posts since Oct 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Stevil View Post
    Yeah, but it's on my birthday, so I'm not too fussed.
    I cant ever remember any game coming out on my birthday (May 27) which sucks. Instead all ive gotten was that Prince of Persia movie with Jake Gyllenhall

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    Why is it when I search "Bioshock Infinite" I get every thread but this until the 3rd page? Sigh the search function here is rubbish.

    Anyway the latest trailer gave me goosebumps, want this game!

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    I haven't watched any trailers for a while. I already know I want this game and I want to go in having seen as little as possible.

  11. #291
    There's not much in the trailer that we haven't seen already.

  12. #292
    I haven't been following all the trailers, so there was for me.

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    Don't care, not gonna risk it. Watching trailers won't make me want the game any more than I already do and it might detract from the experience. I have nothing to gain from doing that except maybe scratching an itch. I can take it.

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    You're treating it as though it's torture, Victor. "I CAN TAKE IT! ANYTHING YOU CAN DISH OUT, I CAN TAKE IT!"

    I don't watch any of these trailers because video game trailers just don't interest me. I fast forwarded through and watched pieces of the Killzone trailer last night because I wanted a closer look at that rope in one of the gifs that was posted. Dumb reasoning, but honest. I watched about thirty seconds or so of one of the Colonial Marines trailers, without sound because I was at work, just because I was told Hicks was in the clip.

    That's really about it for any video game trailers I've watched in the past few months.

    Video games. :/

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    I suppose it's best to learn not to trust trailers, I'm just saying...put a good soundtrack to an advert and some of us becoming whores!

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    I can take not scratching the itch, ZP. Don't go putting your stuff in my mouth.

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    No....wait...do put it. Mmmhmm.

  18. #298

  19. #299
    Last time I put my stuff in his mouth my pubes got all caught in his velcro-like communist beard.

    Like Victor though, I could take the scratchiness. I long for that feeling again.

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    Yeah, put that dick in Victor's mouth! Woof woof woof woof!

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