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Thread: Let's have an argument about religion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaDukes View Post
    There is only one true religion. The one I just created, where you drink coffee and beer at the same goddamn time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post
    What about coffee liqueur and vodka?
    Add some cream (or milk, even) and you've got Dudism.

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    Yeah that's what I was getting at.

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    Darth Kreia makes me ashamed of being a Sith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilKenSebben View Post
    Now, that is well said. Also to what GlowBear said about faith, it is a beautiful thing that can't be put into words. My problem is I just can't let go the bastards and scum that feed on that faith and innocence in people. My last few experiences at a church were filled that kind of filth. Not to mention how I see it at work (psych hospital/group home) and around where I had lived. Seeing that stuff burns me inside and there is only so much you can legally do, to fight it.
    Well, there are moments that cut past that - like the time I was in the hospital and a preacher of a church I had only met the week before came down to see me. It wasn't he just "happened" to be there either, this was him going out of his way when he heard the news. That and I saw my parents join hands with a lesbian couple to pray for me. Its things like that which give me hope there's more to people than mindless adherence to dogma.

    Didn't do much for the concussion or broken arm, but it made me feel good otherwise.

    I do have to say that preacher's church was heavy on the praise and worship section and low on sermon. I liked that. Benediction was a bit excessive at times, but it was nice to know the people that went there didn't expect the sermon and benediction to be over like 15 minutes before lunch so they could get a nice table at K&W or Chili's.

    Then again, this preacher used to be in a rock band, so there was also that.

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    ^ I agree completely

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    The greatest assault on faith comes from the most devout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post
    The greatest assault on faith comes from the most devout.
    That's how faith becomes so strong.

    I guess it varies though, depending on the person and their faith.

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    like if penis tasted like Chicken in a Biskit, I'd totally be gay. Or just a dude who loves Chicken in a Biskit flavored dick. I dunno.

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    Chicken Biscuit != Chicken in a Bisket. Not by a stretch.

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    Ohhhh ok. I thought that was some fast food place I hadn't heard of.

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    Ha ha ha. Best amazon review of Chicken in a Bisket crackers "If Chuck Norris was edible, he'd be C in a B." and if that Chicken in a Bisket penis squirted Kraft Easy Cheese!? OMYGWAD

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    Oh hell yeah. The cheese would definitely be the best part.

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    Shane. You cannot live in the South and have never experience the glory of Chicken in a Bisket. Get on that shit man.

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    Mmmm Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. *drools* Putting spray cheese on those is fucking heresy though. Sick bastards. Only freshly sliced mild cheddar.

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    Now that we're looking at BigThink videos, I feel this video of Mr. DeGrasse Tyson describes my feelings on religion as a whole fairly accurately (hoping this hasn't been posted already, lol).

    Whether his definition of agnosticism is 100% correct isn't really of my interest, as I'm referring to the actual explanation of his beliefs.

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    It's definitely a very interesting topic that can be discussed in a million ways, and it's nice to see a forum where the majority of the discussions don't consist of "UR WRONG ABOUT GOD BCUZ SIENCE SAYS NO" and "GO AWAY I CAN HAS FAITH".

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