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Thread: The Official Destructoid Communicast Thread

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    The Official Destructoid Communicast Thread

    Hello, sweet cherries.

    If you've been about the C-Blogs or Twitterverse lately then you'd know that there is something brewing in the bowels and underpants of Destructoid.

    CrimeMinister has the run-down for you.

    TL;DR: CrimeMinister is putting together a community-based podcast. People from the community will come on the show, talk, and answer questions that others pose to them. There won't be a specific group of people. Instead the line-up will change per week with different people, either new or recycled from a previous week.

    Have any topics or questions that you'd like to see in the show? Post them/nude photos in the comments here.

    As well, if you have any questions about anything involving the podcast, or want to be in the show, PM CrimeMinister, or email him. There is a Google group where the majority of the Dtoid Communicast discussion is held, and CrimeMinister will send you an invite if you want to join in the shenanigrams.

    Batteries not included. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

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    Another podcast? It's probably spam, and will probably end up being worse than Failcast.

    That being said, I'm probably going to be on the first episode.

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    Don't we have like three of these? Looking forward to hearing it!

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    Sounds like a cool, albeit hard to pull off, idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Hitcher View Post
    Sounds like a cool, albeit hard to pull off, idea.
    Eh, I don't think it's a very hard thing to do. Just a matter of organizing correctly.

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    Happy to see this happen. Enough people have wanted a community focused podcast for awhile, but have either been too busy or (in my case) too messed up to get one off the ground.

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    For those that care (which would be probably no one). We just finished recording our first episode. Its gonna go through the (heavy) editing process in a bit. I make no promises when I say this, but you can expect it in 2-3 days at least

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    Episode 1 is LIVE! <-- Get it there. Right there. That's a link. See, look. Yeah. It's got stuff in it.

    Listening to it right now. It's so...community-like.

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    It's that time again.

    If you have any questions for the second episode (Bleach Boy, Occams Electric Toothbrush, Xzyliac, and Tactix) then get in here and ask them.

    Or you could just get herpes. Your choice. You don't want herpes, do you? Herpes is gross.

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    And we're onto EPISODE 2.

    This week we have a pretty sexy cast: Bleach Boy, Occams Electric Toothbrush, Xzyliac, and Tactix. With CrimeMinister as the host, of course.

    We're recording again this Sunday (I'll be on that one). Hopefully. CrimeMinister might have some scheduling issues, but we'll see.

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    Hey look, we're onto Episode 3. Which gives me...a quadruple post? All of the comments that people are leaving must have gotten hidden or something because of how awesome this podcast is. Yeah, that must be it.

    This week CrimeMinister is joined by MuddBstrd, Analoge, myself, and Lenigod. We talk about things like video games and pancakes. But we actually don't talk about pancakes.

    Also, long podcast is long.

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    i had my doubts at first, but this podcast is actually quite good. the mix of guests seems to work out every week so far.

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    See? I don't put my hope in things that are destined for failure.

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    Episode 5 is a go.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrimeMinister

    What the hell? I'm sorry I threw off your very delicate schedules fellow Dtoiders, but this isn't a normal week. The show this week was cool and all, but this weekend is the Dtoid Family Reunion so this episode had to get uploaded a little earlier than usual. I hope you can forgive us.

    So this show had all sorts of cool dudes on it (some you have heard before) like Tactix, Muddbstrd, DinosaurPizza, and Dimmujed.

    During the course of the show a Haiku was written, and I agreed to place it here:

    Palin in Silent Hill
    I can see Russia from my house

    Maybe that has piqued your interest, listen for context here:


    If you want to be on the show just send this account a PM, an email to Dtoidcommunicast@gmail.com, or send a tweet.

    We aren't likely to have a show this next week due to PAX. Unfortunately it's looking like there will be no PAXcast either. Sorry folks.
    So that's a thing. It's looking like these forum updates are being ignored for the most part, so I think this will be the last post here. C-blog updates only, I guess. Meh. :L

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    I actually just stumbled across this thread (I rarely venture down into these here parts), so I decided to give this podcast a go...I must say, I do like it! One of the best things about this site is the community, so to see a podcast based upon that aspect of DToid is super-fun times! The revolving door of guests also helps keep it from being stale and getting repetitive. Every person brings something new to the table and I dig that!

    So, you have MY blessing. Which really doesn't amount to much at all, but...you have it. So there! TAKE IT. No givesies backsies!

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    All support from the community is good support. Since, y'know, the Communicast is the community. :L I'm really surprised this thread is as much of a ghost town as it is. Would have thought there would be a lot of forum-goers interested in this sort of thing. Meh. Again, the c-blogs seem to be the more active place.

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    Well, the c-blogs is mostly what this thing is about, isn't it? Started there and mostly revolves around there. How many forumers have signed up to be on it, much less support in the comments?

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    Nihil has a good point. Also, just because the thread doesn't have a lot of responses doesn't mean people aren't paying attention. There's only 17 replies, but 345 views. A lot of the other community podcast threads seem more active because the hosts are forum regulars and are there bantering back and forth with each other constantly. That might be why you're seeing more activity on the cblogs at the moment. One of the reason I rarely if ever comment on the shows I listen to is because I don't get around to listening to them until a couple weeks later. Personally, if I didn't have such a weird schedule I'd like to be on sometime. I'd also be willing to bet Zodiac would love to guest if you asked her.

    With the APR podcast thread, we're lucky to get one or two responses each episode if any. We've gotten zero feedback on the show outside of the thread, but our download stats tell us we have a couple dozen listeners at least, and it gets a little better every week. For our first five episodes we were pretty convinced we were recording it just for ourselves and two or three friends.

    I'd recommend you keep updating this thread whenever you guys have a new episode, otherwise you might miss out on new listeners stumbling across it like DJKirsch. It can take a while to get rolling, just keep with it. Btw, if you get the artwork for a forum badge to Zodiac or myself, we'll get that set up for you.

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