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Thread: Animated GIFs Thread

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    Simpler times, when our balls were kept under control.

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    I think every one I knew as a kid had those, and I never once saw them get used.

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    If you were a real badass, you used them as shields in NERF battles.

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    Right? It's like they were just always there. And you know they had already been there a while because the velcro had accumulated fabric and dust and pet hair and wouldn't prove useful if you tried. They did feel strangely uncomfortable, yet comfortable, to put on your hand, though.

    Also, man, what a racket. Take a plastic square, put velcro on it, serve with a poorly made tennis ball. How much must those have cost to make? $0.1 each? Make some cheddar.

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    Looks too much like Axe Bodyspray.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Changston View Post
    Looks too much like Axe Bodyspray.



    But... that's actually what I was going for...

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    I didn't catch it until Chang pointed it out, now I think it's awesome.

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    GTF off me bro!

    Also Spiderman in the making.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Bloodspray View Post
    But... that's actually what I was going for...
    shh shh shh shhhhhhhh

    Don't spoil this moment.

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    Did he consume her so he could reach his final form?

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    I wish I knew what that was from. Found it on /wsg/.

    But nah, that looks more like a kidnapping to me.

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    I tried searching the googles but there are a fuck load of reposts of it all over the internet.

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    I wanna say it's from M.A.S.K. but I don't know for sure.

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    I think I still have some M.A.S.K. toys tucked away back at my mother's house. I never watched the cartoon much but those toys were so fucking cool.

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    I had all of them. They and Transformers would regularly battle for control of my bedroom floor.

    I really regret not being six.

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    My favorite was the helicopter which turned into a plane. They actually use those now! VTOLs are awesome.

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