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Thread: Animated GIFs Thread

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    I've never seen a pump that could create vacuum that quickly. Digital manipulation is how they achieved that effect.

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    You wouldn't need to suck quickly. I imagine the metal is pretty strong so when the pressure from outside is too much for the metal it would collapse suddenly.

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    Which is why I suggested the low pressure was gradually introduced and what the gif shows is the final implosion as the structure collapses. That's not a digital shot, they wouldn't render it without whatever is meant to be wrecking it.

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    White balance is shit too. It's just some people messing around. No idea how that wasn't everyone's first thought.

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    I assume it to be amateur footage of whatever it is.

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    That's not how it works. Unless there was some source of pressure other than the atmosphere, that just wouldn't happen. And metal doesn't collapse that quickly without a sudden change.

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    Because it is obviously solid fucking metal.

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    It's not solid, but even a sheet of metal less than an inch thick can sustain considerable pressure. Way more than a measly 10^5 Pa. Metal is elastic before it becomes plastic, and the change would be visible if it were that close to the point of permanent deformation.

    Unless it's gold or some pussy shit like that.

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    Those things aren't designed to deal with an extremely low pressure from the inside. Once it reaches its breaking point and gives in the force makes it cave in straight away because it's so damn strong. Stop finding it hard to believe.

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    There's no such thing as "extremely low pressure". There's no pressure lower than vacuum.

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    You can describe any unit as low but the context here is the pressure outside the tank too. Whichever way you see it, the pressure is extremely low inside the tank or the pressure is extremely high outside the tank, the tank would not have been built for this. Pressure can fuck shit up. The fact that it's designed to contain high pressures probably works against it.

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    I am guessing this particular tank was designed to implode in an exact fashion.

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    The pressure outside the tank is no more than 1 atm, or 10^5 Pa. Unless the tank was designed to implode like that (and I don't see how it could/should be), that's fake. It would bend way before something like that could happen unless the pressure dropped almost instantly. That's how stuff works. It bends before it breaks (even if you don't see it). And with metal, specially if it's something that big, you can see it.

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    It would be designed to do what it did in whatever way because it's a goddamn special effect.

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    Yes it is.A digital ​special effect.

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    I assumed at least one person googled this but I guess not. Victor is wrong, it wouldn't bend slowly so I guess he has to redo physics. To get the pressure they needed they used temperature.

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    Hum. So it was sudden.

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    No, it's clearly an amateur-shot digital effect.

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