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Thread: Animated GIFs Thread

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    That lab coat has a hole in it. Gasoline soaked tennis ball?

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    Must be something flammable. The seam rip is pretty cool too, I hadn't noticed it until now. It's like the guy swung so hard that he not only exploded the ball, but also ripped his own sleeve off.

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    Heh didn't explode the ball. The impact compressed it, as they do, and expelled a vapour of the flammable liquid that, as they do, burnt off quickly.

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    I don't think he actually ripped his own sleeve off either. Sometimes I post things on the internet that I don't really believe. The doctors say it's ok though.

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    Gasoline, yes, though the flame is not really from it being vaporized. Some of it was, that's for sure, since it's pretty volatile, but most of it stays liquid.

    What I mean is "screw you, Birdman".

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    It's ok, one day you'll discover fire down there.

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    We have already. Drug lords spread that fire thing all over people when they're upset.

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    But it is the Witch Kings with their capes and banana crowns who hold the power.

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    Witch Presidents, we're a democracy. And the crown is made of money. That's why our money comes in all sizes and colors.

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    Dude I saw this movie once about a Witch King who was so awesome he didn't even need to use his magic powers, and he dressed up like the Devil and beat the shit out of people instead. He had all the monis too.

    Man I wish I could remember the name of that.

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    I think you're talking about Batman but I really cannot be sure with a loose cannon like you.

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    Nah...nah, actually it might have been Robocop. My bad!

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    Robocop was a great movie though! My favorite part was when he went back in time to fight Wesley Snipes.

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    I like the parts where the future is a grim place.

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    Eh, I just watch the news for that.

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    holy fuck

    broken ass

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    Good morning

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    What a nice greeting

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