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Thread: Animated GIFs Thread

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    Mouse Trap!

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    welcome to my world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    Awww, poor Jimmy Savile.

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    Sometimes I go out to the woodshed, and use Wiccan hand sigils to telepathically pleasure random women.

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntertony View Post
    Awww, poor Jimmy Savile.
    I hadn't even heard of that guy until you mentioned his name and I googled it. What a freak.

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    It's been all over the news here for weeks. Such a pointless and futile subject.

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    We had basically the same thing happen here with a football coach. People still support the guy too. It's...strange.

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    If you mean this then I don't think it is at all the same. Jimmy Savile was dead before any of this hit. There's no retribution to be had, and no way to prove that a lot of the allegations had. It's hard to even blame those who unknowingly enabled him, the culture of the time just meant people trusted the guy.

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    So you don't see anything in common between the two?

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    The important difference is that guy could be punished and is in jail, there was justice and perhaps even compensation to be had. There's really not much to do with the Savile thing, it's just starting to leave the news now since a new BBC scandal has hit. Most of the news about the Savile case was over a withheld documentary show that would have broken the news earlier you see.

    And the latest BBC scandal was that a guy was implicated in the Savile shit by a program without it being accurate so the leader bossman has run away. And then there is righteous indignation over that asshole's payout.

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    I haven't been keeping up with the specifics of either case but I see a few factors shared between the two. On one hand I can see how an accusation like that could be deadly whether there's any truth behind it or not, simply because the alleged crime is so vile. On the other hand it's like you said earlier, how the public comes to trust figures like those out of a sense of familiarity, even though they don't really know those men at all.

    So...yeah. Could go either way man. I'm just here for the gifs.

    (gif totally unrelated to the conversation btw, I just felt like posting it)

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    Heh that's good.

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    fck awesome

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