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Thread: Random Pictures Thread

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    It took me a long while to realize that wasn't a real magazine cover, but satire, which is indicative of how awful those magazines are.

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    Ahh that last panel is great. All of them are, really. But especially the last one.

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    Sounds like something I'd say while sober.

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    Haha I knorite?

    I stopped posting for a while earlier today when my post count hit 19777. It's a thing I do. Like when I froze the score on my original gamertag and started using a new one.

    But then I came back to post this, just cause I love you guys so much.


    ...and then I removed the Baphomet thing after noticing nipples. Here, enjoy this pic of Yoda instead.

    If you want to see the original image, look up "Ordo Templi Orientis New Zealand" on Facebook.

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    I like that, reminds me of something Giger did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    I like that, reminds me of something Giger did.
    Those guys come up with all kinds of neat stuff. I think Rev might like this one;

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    The fool card one is pretty cool.

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    Turbo, we have a thread for that. Presuming you made it yourself ofcourse...

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    We finally have a bear thread, what?

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    I think both Battle Royale and Scott Pilgrim are overrated, but I really dig this combination of the two:

    Bryan Lee O'Malley's distinctive style is such a great throwback to old school manga/anime, and it couples well with this subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboKill View Post
    We finally have a bear thread, what?
    Fake game cover thread.

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    That whole introvert image thing is interesting and I'd say partially true for me, I sure as shit get drained being around people. Don't have personal space issues though, I think that's an incorrect association there by the artist.

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    I have the advantages of both and the disadvantages of neither. I am the true god.

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    Hail Satan!

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    Bad tarvu!

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