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Thread: Random Pictures Thread

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    Underwater things don't count.

    Glass lizards are officially cool as shit.

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    We've had: Children's Python, Stimson's Python, Water Python, Diamond Python, Diamond x Green Tree Python, Diamond x Olive Python, Albino Corn Snake.

    Strayns. We keep snakes and shit.

    I want to get either a Children's or Stimsons again, they are just so cute. Ruski (the Childrens) and Bundy (the Stimsons) used to live either in my pocket or my hair.

    The Water one was just fucking nasty (Jameson), the Diamond (Midori) broke her jaw pretty young, she didn't live long. The DxGT & DxO (Boags & Cascade) I didn't know so much, they were big fuckers and I stayed the hell away... mainly my brothers ones.

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    ...still would

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    Now I wish my browser had a flippy button

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbrigg View Post
    ...still would

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    In the UK we have our own legless lizard; the slow worm:

    As the name implies, they're pretty easy to catch.

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    You can find plenty of limbed lizards in Parliament too!

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    I don't care about British politics. It's just a bunch of hot air and buzz words. Nothing that matters ever happens, it's just all bureaucrats spinning everything so it serves their interest. It's as dull as can be and no one cares about actually changing anything or making anything better.

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    Yeah, too much self-interest and not enough in actually doing their jobs. Urgh.

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    Thank God that only happens in British politics, eh?

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    dat ramen hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grunchk1n View Post

    okay...that's kind of spooky. SORRY!



    i laughed at some of this...does it mean I will go to hell?

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    for my taste they are a tiny bit too young to become marketed as sexualized fetish objects for kids and creepy adults

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    too young?

    Think outside the box, dude. Jeez

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    My kind of lady.

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