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Thread: Random Pictures Thread

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    That's awesome. I love those sexist ads from the seventies. Shit was crazy. On a slightly different note,

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    That is how lesbianism works.

    I'm referring to the Bill Murray image.

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    That comic should have four more parts to it.

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    "Women are teachable."


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    Oh god what. I didn't know he was in Predator.

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    I honestly think of him in Predator first, Rocky a distant second.

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    Tarvu, you are such a disappointment :|

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    I've always seen Predator as one of two things that were in a really bad mash up film and sequel.

    I did enjoy the Rockies though.

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    For real, Tarvu, you should watch the original Predator. It's pretty great, and most likely my favorite Schwarzenegger flick. Plus you've got Shane Black as one of the commandos! And he tells dumb jokes!!

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    Don't like Predator and like Rocky?

    You're a terrible person.

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    That's Tarvu for ya, always liking and hating the wrong things all the time.

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    Guess who doesn't care for Looper.

    This Guy!

    Quote Originally Posted by bbrigg View Post
    Don't like Predator and like Rocky?

    You're a terrible person.
    I would say I like the first Rocky film, but hey I said I enjoyed the series. Doesn't mean I condone it. You can enjoy being physically abused but that don't mean you think it's for everyone.

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    Don't like Rambo movies? You're not alone, the terrorists don't either

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    I like the good one.

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    Yeah me too.

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    Seriously, First Blood is a goram fantastic film in my opinion. It isn't a dumb action film.

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    I think the guy who wrote Dick Tracy may have been a prophet, just because "Al Kinda".


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    If you don't like Predator, then you can just eat shit and eat some more shit. You shiteater!

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