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Thread: Random Pictures Thread

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    the Turtleneck Jersey

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    Peter Molyneux starting a Kickstarter is worrying. On the one hand, a spiritual successor to Populous sounds great, but can he really come through on those kickstarter tier promises!?

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    Molyneux... come through... promises?

    Nope, sorry, my brain can't handle the concept.

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    Those people who are hoping to go to E3 with him better get ready to end up at Eurogamer.

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    If his past work is any indication, it'll be a trip to MCM Expo with one of his interns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artful-dodgeR View Post
    A guy I know drew this from scratch.

    And now he's shown us the stills of his progress, fucking amazing.

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    Got to looking at fake cop stories just now and found this gem;

    ...oh wait the text is the best part.

    Henry was initially arrested for impersonating a police officer and stealing his landlord's car earlier this year, but investigators found that he used realistic police gear and a car with lights and sirens to intimidate many more people. He allegedly pretended to investigate a robbery and then raped a woman, coerced teen age boys he met in Greenwich Village to be his "sex slaves," and conned a former NYC bus driver out of $120,000 by claiming the bus driver was victim of a "Freemason identity theft scam." Henry is also accused torturing a number of animals; Newsday reports that he "captured and torched his neighbor's cat" and offered to help the neighbor find the culprit because he was a "cop."
    Hohoho, well dip me in buttermilk and fuck me running. Just try to match those actions to that face. Priceless.


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    Wow, just wow, to think that there could be more people doing this shit...

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    There was a guy who did something similar when I was in advanced training. Dude went to the PX, bought First Sergeant stripes, and put them on his uniform. He then had 300 trainees doing push-ups for an hour and a half before anybody with authority came by and realized what was up.

    Miles got kicked out for that lol.

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    Newsday is my hometown local newspaper!

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    Are all the fake cops that awesome where you're from, or did that guy just get the high score? Also,

    Eventually Black Friday will replace Thanksgiving. The true holiday will take place when store owners throw open their doors and dispense goods at half price. Think it sounds unlikely? Then tell me how the turkey thing started.

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    Many of you must have see this some time back (well i had), but it's worth another read, always!

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    I've seen a similar, but it's always awesome to see stuff like this

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    The best photoshop trolling is when you alter someone's expression to make them look retarded. Nothing unbelievable or out of place, just a subtle retouch of the eyes to give their face a nice little derp effect. Then tag it to their Facebook and watch them shit bricks.

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    Bastard murderers.

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