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Thread: The Gym (training with Tubby)

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    Had a little fun in the gym today.

    Cycling (stationary):
    0:15:00 || 3.5 mi (+76 pts)

    Barbell Squat:
    135 lb x 10 reps (+77 pts)
    185 lb x 10 reps (+109 pts)
    225 lb x 7 reps (+133 pts)
    275 lb x 5 reps (+169 pts)
    315 lb x 1 reps (+121 pts)
    315 lb x 1 reps (+121 pts)
    225 lb x 5 reps (+121 pts)
    All sets superset with Deads. Sets 5 and 6 in a circuit with Deads and Pendlays Video in the comments, form is dirty but it was fun. No belt, no straps.

    Barbell Deadlift:
    135 lb x 10 reps (+77 pts)
    225 lb x 8 reps (+137 pts)
    315 lb x 3 reps (+178 pts)
    315 lb x 3 reps (+178 pts)
    405 lb x 1 reps (+223 pts)
    405 lb x 1 reps (+223 pts)
    405 lb x 2 reps (+275 pts)
    Sets 5 and 6 in a circuit with squats and pendlays. All sets superset with squats

    Pendlay Row:
    225 lb x 3 reps (+72 pts)
    225 lb x 1 reps (+49 pts)
    In circuit with squats/deads

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    nmcmahan52's Avatar
    1,240 posts since Jun 2011

    Man your gym looks nice

    I can't wait to get back to the routine, holidays have killed it, gym is closed half these days anyways

    Goals this year are to hit my 300 lb bench, 200 lb OHP, 500+ DL, 450 squat. Bench is the one i want the most i think because I've always hated doing it

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    299.4 mofos.

    Cheesecake, beer and pizza tonight.
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    nmcmahan52's Avatar
    1,240 posts since Jun 2011

    congrats on the weight loss

    nmcmahan52 Tracked a Workout for 2,372 pts Today

    Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP):
    45 lb x 10 reps (+58 pts)
    60 lb x 5 reps (+54 pts)
    75 lb x 5 reps (+60 pts)
    90 lb x 3 reps (+53 pts)
    110 lb x 5 reps (+76 pts)
    122.5 lb x 3 reps (+67 pts)
    137.5 lb x 5 reps (+92 pts)
    90 lb x 10 reps (+79 pts)
    90 lb x 10 reps (+79 pts)
    75 lb x 10 reps (+71 pts)
    75 lb x 10 reps (+71 pts)
    60 lb x 10 reps (+64 pts)

    Barbell Deadlift:
    155 lb x 5 reps (+75 pts)
    195 lb x 5 reps (+99 pts)
    235 lb x 3 reps (+104 pts)
    292.5 lb x 5 reps (+190 pts)
    330 lb x 3 reps (+197 pts)
    370 lb x 3 reps (+258 pts)
    235 lb x 10 reps (+152 pts)
    235 lb x 10 reps (+152 pts)
    195 lb x 10 reps (+116 pts)
    195 lb x 10 reps (+116 pts)
    155 lb x 10 reps (+89 pts)

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    nmcmahan52's Avatar
    1,240 posts since Jun 2011

    i've really looked into getting a prowler lately to work on conditioning, they're pretty damn expensive though

    found this article and will be giving this a shot at home tonight just to check it out


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    Congrats on the weight loss Gaff.

    My gym has a ghetto version of the prowler. It's a pallet with two metal handles bolted on. You just throw weight on it and push.

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    nmcmahan52's Avatar
    1,240 posts since Jun 2011

    i just noticed you changed your location, i think i know the room you seek

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    Ok, first time posting in here, but I could use help.

    I'm fat and I am fucking sick of it. I want that to change but I have no idea where to begin. Any help would be phenomenal.

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    First post of this thread has a lot of good information on where to begin.

    My personal advice is diet first. That's where you're going to get most of your weight loss. If you eat a lot sugars/carbs, cut it. It'll be hard as shit to curb the cravings at first but stick with it and you'll get results. Start off at 200g/carbs a day as a limit and work your way down. There are plenty of calculators online that you can put in your age, height and weight and it'll tell you how many calories you need per day to hit your goals. If you can't find one let me know and I'll get you one.

    Exercise needs to be a thing. Or movement in general. I prefer having people lifting heavy ass fucking weights because you get stronger, leaner and results faster. If you want to do the hamster on the wheel it's still better than nothing. If you play video games, do it standing. I shit you not you work up to playing COD or whatever for 4 hours a night standing while wearing a 30-60lb weighted vest and you will drop lbs. Whatever you do, get moving for most of the day that you can.

    Exercise combined with a restricted caloric intake and a balanced macronutrient intake(lowering carbs) will guarantee that you lose weight. If this is something you're serious about trying then I can write out more detailed options(cheat days/workout schedules/workout options,etc.)

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    I plan on being serious with this. I have had a gym membership for a while that hasn't gotten any use, some advice for what to do there would be great.

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    What type of gym are we talking about. Do they have a lot of options for weightlifting like power racks/squat racks/free weights? Or is it a Planet Fitness or some smaller more cardio-oriented gym?

    Also, how much time a week are you going to have to devote specifically to exercise?

    If you want a cookie-cutter but useful starting program, the Starting Strength pic in the first post has a plan that works. It's not my favorite but it will get you stronger and leaner. Just always bear in mind you can't outdo a bad diet, no matter how hard you go in the gym. So you're going to have to attack your diet just as hard as you attack the weights.

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    Planet fitness is all.

    As far as time, I have to be flexible. School takes a big chunk out.

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    If you want, give me some specific blocks of time(30mins/45mins/hours per week) you can put aside for training. Planet Fitness will make some of this an issue but it won't defeat your goals. YMMV with locations but call and ask them if they have anything besides the smith machine for pressing and squats and if they allow deadlifting.

    One of my lifting idol's put this together when asked about training a completely new person:
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos and Pain
    Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever trained a raw beginner. I would have them train front squats, standing overhead presses, and deadlifts three times a week, and then pullups, dips, and abs two other days a week. I’d keep the volume fairly low, especially at first, and have them focus on learning the movements.

    After about a month, we’d take the training wheels off and start loading them up, but keep the routine the same.
    I would switch out or add in rotation back squats as well. But this is all pertinent to the info you find out about your gym. Deadlifting will be a big thing you need to know. The smith machine we can work around if it's the only option.

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    I'm fairly sure that they allow deadlifts, not entirely sure though. I have no idea what a smith machine even is.

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    It's a power rack with a bar that is balanced and has a strict plane of motion, IE not free weights. It's workable but it negates the bonuses you get from going completely free motion and using your own strength and muscles to balance the weight. They'll know what you mean when you ask.

    Does your school not have a gym?

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    Ok, I'll look into that. With the stuff on the first page, what weight should I be doing that kind of stuff at? Like, how difficult should it be?

    Standing while I write this by the way.

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    If you can give me some specifics. Like Age, height and bodyweight and current activity level. If you want you can PM those if you don't want to post it in the open.

    What I want you to do before you attempt any of those is watch the millions of YouTube videos showing how to do each of those exercises. Then watch the ones of people actually doing them. That way you have a good base in your head what it's supposed to look like when it's performed. Do you have anyone you can train with? Anyone else want to join you in losing weight? The extra eyes will help with form and a spotter is always nice.

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    I'm attempting to get other people to do stuff with me. It's rough, most of my friends are either busy or have no interest.

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    Well your main goals right now are to find out what you can do at your gym and go ahead and start working on your diet while studying the lifts. Standing all you can is good. If your school has standing desks use those too.

    When you find out what you can do there let me know so we can put something together. Just so you know though, this will be your journey and there will be a lot of experimenting and adjustments made along the way. No one plan works for everyone. I myself have stopped buying into the "one way works all the time" because it's made me out to be a hypocrite when training adjustments proved it wrong. The only constants will be hard work and diet.

    And definitely see if your school has a gym.

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