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Thread: Limbo

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    I just beat it.

    [mrd]What a fucking non-ending. At first I thought the game screwed up or something.[/mrd]

    Interesting game, now I'm going through trying to find the achievements I missed. I'm glad I gave up on the "only die five times" achievement early on, or else I'd have gone nuts. Maybe I'll get it at some point, but no way on my first playthrough. I died so much. Anybody else constantly hold down the A button too long and let go of ropes as soon as you grab 'em? I was doing that a lot.

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    I beat it yesterday too. I think it's one of the best examples of an "art game" in recent history. Ending spoilers below:

    [mrd]I don't really think it was a "non-ending". The whole point of Limbo is that you're stuck in it forever, and it looked like it was going to start cycling again, because waking up in the forest after "breaking through" was the same as the beginning of the game, from the slow blinking of the eyes to the environment. Then when you walk over to the right, and the girl is there (Same girl, but just in a different place). He broke out of limbo, at least that's how I understood it. I'm really interested to hear other people's thoughts on the ending in particular.[/mrd]

    I'm going to probably try for a second playthrough tonight. I'm going to shoot for under five deaths, but we all know that isn't going to happen yet.

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    [mrd]Same girl from where? I don't recall seeing her earlier, but I didn't finish the game in one sitting either so maybe I forgot something.[/mrd]

    I'm going to hate myself when I try for the under five deaths run. I guess the key would be to not think about it, and just hope it happens on a playthrough.

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    I got too hammered and didn't finish it. I like it a lot more than I thought I would from what I've played though.

    Edith noes, no avatar.

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    Without Daffy Duck I have no idea who you are.

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    [mrd]It was the guy's sister. You wouldn't know that without reading a description for the game, but she was in it in the first run-through, I thought...[/mrd]

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    Oh, I didn't read anything. I actually didn't follow the game at all and just bought it on a whim yesterday because all of a sudden I heard great things recently. I'll have to look up the backstory I guess.

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    I'm about half an hour in and doing it in segments for maximum enjoyability. I'm very much into the atmosphere of the game.

    Man, deaths are quick and brutal. I'm startled almost every time.

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    There isn't much backstory, it's basically just that the boy is looking for his missing sister. That's it.

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    The backstory is summed up in the game text on the marketplace and that's it.

    I haven't beat it yet but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The whole thing with the spider creeped me out, the last part of the fight with it was kinda sad too.

    Also that achievement is going to be HARD...5 deaths and beat the game in one sitting? Damn.
    I haven't gotten a single achievement yet, though I have an idea where some of them are that I missed.

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    Doing it in one sitting won't be hard, I could've done that yesterday but I stopped to go get dinner somewhere in the level with the giant gears. The not dying five times part is just sadistic though. It's downright evil of them.

    But yeah, the atmosphere, graphics and sound really pull you in, and the way that it all just flows from beginning to end with no real level breaks keeps you sucked in.

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    I really have to give props to the developers for making the games frustration levels exceptionally low for a puzzle game. Most of the time when I died, it was like a "huh, look at that" instead of the normal "FUCK THIS GAME" that comes with many puzzle games. There were very few where timing played a big part, so not being able to do a puzzle was mostly due to me not figuring it out. I think that's where a lot of puzzle games find fault, because you figure out how to solve the puzzle, but it takes an extra 15 minutes beyond that to actually execute (Like navigating the "goomba" through the three "pirannha plants" towards the end of Braid, I hated that shit).

    More developers should take a hint and follow suit.

    [mrd]There was one time when I was getting really frustrated, which was the very last puzzle of the game, when you have to "fall up", then fall back down when gravity changes and hit the gravity change button so you fall to the right of the screen. For some reason my brain got retarded and when I figured out what I had to do, I forgot that i had to actually PUSH the button to change gravity, I thought I just had to fall over it and it would change, for some reason. Needless to say, I was trying for like 10-15 minutes, falling right over the button every time, and getting more and more angry when it wouldn't work until I finally realized what my mistake was. Then I felt dumb.[/mrd]

    Edit: Yeah, one sitting isn't hard. I beat the game in one sitting on my first playthrough, and subsequent playthroughs will take less time because I'm not taking time to figure out the puzzles.

    I'd imagine the game would only take about an hour or so if you're getting less than five deaths...

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    I got it the moment it dropped at 4AM Wednesday and got through it without too much trouble in about 3 hours. Spent the rest of my time grabbing the achievement orbs and finding 2 secret orbs that don't give you achievements, but add to your overall game %.

    I loved this game, I want to watch people play it for the first time, cause I donno if I got lucky with the puzzles and solving some of them quickly, or if my gamers intuition is good enough I managed to do them. Probably just luck...

    Anyway, I think with practice the 5 death run won't be as hard as you'd think. I managed to get up to the cogs with only 2 or 3 deaths on my second play through... Then everything started to go to hell...

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    I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm at the Cogs. I can't figure out the part right after them right now (it has an electric switch, a cart with a ladder, and some other things).

    Don't tell me the solution, I wanna figure it out; just taking a break for awhile to get a fresh take on it later.

    Other than this one, none of them have stumped me for very long. I just kinda figured out the solutions pretty quickly. I just bought and beat Braid a little while back, got all the puzzle pieces without any guides.

    I'm just good at problem solving like that.

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    Anyone else decided to hunt for the non achievement related hidden orbs? They are kinda like the stars in braid. Really creative the way they hid them.

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    Just beat it with EXACTLY 5 deaths, the last two coming right near the end. I thought for sure I wasn't gonna do it, but I managed to pull it off. Now I'm at 107%. Top people currently have 108%

    Guess it's time to start hunting for the hidden orb I'm missing.

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    Yeah, I just finished getting the last of them (At least the ones that are known). I still need to do a runthrough without dying too much, because I'm at 106%. I wish I didn't have work in the morning so I could stay up to do it, so I could be in the top 50 for leaderboard rankings. Right now there are 33 people that have gotten everything in the game, and I'm not going to be home until after dinnertime tomorrow, I'm guessing I'll be lucky if I can get top 100 after all is said and done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumpyTurtle View Post
    Just beat it with EXACTLY 5 deaths, the last two coming right near the end. I thought for sure I wasn't gonna do it, but I managed to pull it off. Now I'm at 107%. Top people currently have 108%

    Guess it's time to start hunting for the hidden orb I'm missing.
    Congrats! You're one of the 101 people ahead of me.

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    I got 108% ranked 40. Someone just got 109%. I wonder how high it goes.

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    Is anybody else having issues with glitches or freezing? I was pretty early on in the game when the boy fell through the ground into an endless white abyss that I couldn't get out of. When I tried loading my last autosave, it froze my 360.

    Besides that, great game so far.

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