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Thread: Bit Transmission episode 10

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    Bit Transmission episode 10

    Funny story. I was encoding this episode, already two days late, when I get a call from my beautiful woman. Distracted by her and my cat, I make the foolish mistake of lying down. Next thing I know, six hours have passed and the episode is now three days late. Grr!

    At any rate, it's up now and you can get it here:

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to post here.

    I seriously haven't played a second of Super Meat Boy, but I want to. It looks like a game I'd enjoy...very much. Also, I'm all for the whole "controversial game for the sake of seeing what you can get away with" thing. It's interesting how people think Nintendo is solely family oriented and hateful to anything even remotely violent, when they're actually not. Half the reason they even have so many family-friendly games is because of the developers misunderstanding them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manic Maverick View Post
    Oh yeah, I forgot to post here.

    Yo me too!

    I personally love SMB to death, even if I also hate it to death. I always champion games like Joe Danger or BIT.TRIP.RUNNER for being "just the right difficulty" so that you never feel that victory is out of your reach (also something I think the Skate games do well). Yet I will always have a special place in my heart for those INSANELY hard games that just make you wish all the walls were soft pillows so you can punch it as hard as possible, and Super Meat Boy is one of those games for sure.

    Great listen as always!

    PS - Fcuk (hehe) Flywrench and it's red/green shit. Some people are colorblind ya know!

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