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Thread: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revuhlooshun View Post
    Mother fuckers will start spouting exposition at the drop of a hat. It's even worse than they do in MGS4.
    The last trailer was a dead giveaway for that kind of nonsense, but...

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    Is there at least more gameplay than cutscenes? In MGS4 it seemed like for every minute of gameplay there was 5 minutes of people sitting around talking about nothing.

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    Oh shit, I didn't realize that was out today. Is it on disc or a download? I'll probably pick ZoE up at the first sign of discount or good second hand deal.

    Rev's single, last line counter acts five hundred complaints about dialog/story. This shit looks good, and I needs to play it.

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    It's on disc. A heads up: the ZoE HD collection has some issues on the PS3 version. It's playable, but the 360 has higher framerate performance.

    Anybody who didn't at least have fun with that demo though is a troll. I won't even hear it any other way.

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    Thankfully Aurain didn't create this thread, so it's still here!

    Just found out that there are retailer specific preorder incentives, or things I call, "shit that should have been in the game, god dammit."

    Amazon:"Inferno Armor” for Raiden. Fire up cyborg ninja, Raiden, with the Inferno armor skin exclusive to Amazon. In addition to the dynamic red armor exoskeleton visual upgrade, players will receive an increase in the maximum amount of throwing weapons such as grenades within his arsenal.

    -It just looks like the regular skin with an alt-color of orange, and I think it's copied directly in PSASBR as a color option for Raiden's regular costume.

    Gamestop: "Cyborg Ninja skin" Assume the identity of legendary Cyborg Ninja from the original METAL GEAR SOLID exclusive to GameStop. Players will be able visually enhance themselves as one of the most iconic characters from the MGS universe, all while leaving a path of destruction!

    -It's straight up Grey Fox. How is this a preorder incentive and not an unlockable? This should be criminal!

    Fuck, just like with Anarchy Reigns (which has Bayonetta, and 2 whole fucking game modes), I might have to switch stores. Fuck, I hate publishers that feel this shit is necessary; put this shit in the game and make an advertisement to promote it, don't fuck over every costumer for not getting things because they paid for the game but in the wrong place. Also, I fucking hate GameStop for seemingly fighting tooth and nail to get these features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    The Gray Fox skin is clearly the only way to go.
    Yeah, meaning I'll have to pay that much more taxes on the damn thing from GameStop over Amazon.

    Also, what happened to Aurain?
    I don't know why, but he left and asked for all of his posts to be deleted, which made all of the threads he created do a Houdini.

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    Well, maybe I can get away with this without having to pay taxes... or have GameStop keep my money...

    "Store Customers : A code with instructions will be printed on your receipt at the time of pick-up." I might just buy a copy from GS just to return it a couple hours later after entering the code.

    Also, Homeland is an awesome show, even though I've only seen the first 4 or 5 episodes before dropping premium channels.

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    The first season finale is fantastic.

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    For some reasons this game never really held my attention... I'm more waiting for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes!! It's gonna rock!

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    Where's the general MEATL GAER thread?

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    I think Aurain started it, so it disappeared

    ..or possibly Gatsby.

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    Did Gatsby do the same thing now!???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arttemis View Post
    Did Gatsby do the same thing now!???
    Yeah -
    Last edited by Sir Legendhead; 12-16-2012 at 05:31 AM. Reason: changed link

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    The game looks so damn awesome, but I'm putting the audio and subtitles to French or something else besides English so that I don't have to listen to a single portion of this story.

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    Wait a minute. This is made by the same company who did AR right? In light of it unrealistic to hope for Raiden in Anarchy Reigns? Or the cyborg ninja, even though it seems a bit redundant. I guess him and Zero could have a Scorpion/Sub-Zero thing. This does seem unlikely yet a guy can always dream.


    Shit, the more I think of it the more sense it makes. Brilliant cross-promotional opportunity there. They'd be fools to pass it up.

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    I doubt it.

    Especially since Raiden and Gray Fox are not Platinum properties, unlike Bayonetta.

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    Naw son, this makes good business sense. Kojima gave Castlevania: Lords of Shadow some help just because he loves and believes in the healing power of videogames. If Platinum were to appeal to his divine benevolence, he might actually loan them the keys to his car(s). You never know meng, Kojima is sometimes cool like that. Some men are godly men. Kojima is a manly god.

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    I'd be surprised if Platinum adds DLC to the game at all at this point. The game's been out for half a year in Japan, and they've seen nothing beyond Bayonetta and the two online modes.

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    How well has AR done in Japan? I'm guessing that would be the major factor in determining how profitable a Raiden appearance would be. If enough people are still playing it by that time, it might be a good way to hype Rising. Gotta be honest though, I'm not really coming at this from a purely logical standpoint. You probably already noticed.

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    They're totally channeling the best aspects of Ninja Gaiden 2, what with the quadriplegic enemies crawling to attack you. That blade mode is never going to get old. NEVER!

    Also, I think AR only sold 60,000 copies in nipponland. I hope it sells twenty times that amount in the states alone. DLC wise, I really was hoping for Raiden in AR and Leo/Sam/Someone in MGRR. I'm kind of surprised Bayonetta was the only other P* character in AR beside Jack.

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