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Thread: The Bargain Bin!

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
    3,059 posts since Sep 2012

    All the games at Walmart have already been set to their Black Friday sale prices. Just went and picked up Spec Ops: The Line for $15. If there's a game there you want I'd suggest getting it now.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    863 posts since Oct 2012

    I saw Chivalry: Medieval Warfare in GAME today for 12.99 nice price for anyone in the UK that wants it. Cheaper than steam and is a physical copy.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    For anyone on Europe, Gamefly is having a great sale, I just got Skyrim for 9.99 pounds or 12€

    They have great prices, don't know if the American site is having a similar sale, but it's worth checking it out

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    ZOMG tis the season for Steam sales!

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    PappaDukes's Avatar
    13,591 posts since Mar 2007

    I hate Steam so fucking much.

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    Guys. Humble "THQ" Bundle: Darksiders, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes + Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, Red Faction: Armageddon all for $1.

    Paying above average will come with Saints Row The Third. (Floating around $5.50 at the moment of typing this.)

    It's not indie, but it sure is humble. It's Windows only, but it's also a damn good deal. Also comes with soundtracks for all of 'em. (Except Metro 2033.)

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    Too bad all the games I want I already have, sorry THQ

    At this moment is close to 14$

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    That's expensive

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    dare's Avatar
    483 posts since Jul 2011

    THQ is giving out free PC copies of Metro 2033 to promote Last Light:

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    GOG is having a sale atm, think it lasts till January, 50% off most things and 75% off in daily deals.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    So gamestop is selling all of the far cry games in a bundle for a super cheap price of 6,59€/8.68$

    Jump on that! It has Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition!!!!

    Last edited by lizzardpt; 12-17-2012 at 06:27 AM.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    863 posts since Oct 2012

    Says it's 55 for me

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    Aw crap, they spoted it and changed the price too bad

    For me it doen's even has a price tag, must've sold out all of the copies

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    Sorry, this item is not available in your region

    Well, damn.

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,269 posts since Mar 2012

    Big XBLA sale detailed on the following link:

    Sadly no prices on that link but generally stuff is half off over this period. Also as Tarvu posted in the Serious (Holy Fuck How Many Enemies) Sam thread, all those games are half off at 600 points each.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,702 posts since Feb 2007

    The new Humble Bundle is fucking amazing. The inclusion of The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb is alone worth it.

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    ThEjOkErIsWiLd's Avatar
    5 posts since Dec 2012
    gamestop/eb games is having a 12 days of xmas sale with a new game going on sale every day (at least up here in canucklehead land, dunno if it's the same for you yanks) I just scored ghost Recon future Soldier for $20 for the 360, woo!

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    According to my Twitter feed, The Walking Dead Episode 1 is free on XBLA at the moment. I don't have a 360, but y'all should definitely check that out!

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    Dang Turbo... you beat me to it.

    Anyway, people should go get that. It's awesome.

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