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Thread: PROUD PARENTS UNITE!!! (a.k.a. Cuteness OVERLOAD!)

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    Haha, dude, I have never seen a kid more hyped to be surrounded by drum kits. It's adorable as hell. Hope my girl gets some of mine and her grandpa's love of music. Right now she's still too young to know if she got more than my family's blue eyes from me.

    And since this is a thread made for people to be that parent who has no qualms about shoving pictures of their kid in peoples faces:


    After all the times I seriously contemplated killing pets for chewing up my controllers you never could have convinced me I would one day willingly hand one over to a little human drool machine, but her laughing as she shakes it around and grinning as she gnaws on the rubber cushions on the back are just too much lol.

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    I have controllers specifically for my daughter. You have yours, leave Dad's alone.

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