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Thread: PROUD PARENTS UNITE!!! (a.k.a. Cuteness OVERLOAD!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by grunchk1n View Post
    you're probably allergic to children then.
    They break things... and are loud. My cousin broke so much of my stuff... he poured jelly on my keyboard once... *sigh* Children are cute, and you guys can have all the kids you want... but please don't bring them by my place :P

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    anyone ever think to drop kick that kid? we're blessed to have an awesome kid, and we definitely don't spare the rod. fuckin' pisses me off if some parent lets their kid act all insane in at a store, restaurant, etc. and expect everyone else to be fine with it. i like my kid for sure. everyone else's kid is questionable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkey View Post
    They break things... and are loud.
    Not the ones who's parents care to teach them right from wrong. I spanked my daughter one time her entire childhood. And my son's never had one. Neither of my kids acted up when over at friends or family, and neither have ever run amuck while shopping or out to eat.

    Of course it was that one spanking that taught them I would do it if I needed to.

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    My mom never spanked me, but she was disabled. If I fucked up she would either guilt trip me, or she would watch me as I packed up everything in my room, put them into boxes and loaded them into storage (this was my grounding). One time, I had nothing but a bed and a desk and a some hangars for clothes for over 13 weeks.

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    we discipline when necessary. like i said, we're blessed to have an amazing kid. hopefully this good behavior sticks with her forever!

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    I'm considering taking my son to be a toy tester - he could fuck up a steel ball bearing. All kids are different. None of my three are alike. Thank God.

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    Yay for my kid and Nintendo!

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    don't let the cuteness deceive you...she's a terror! but a cute one

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    let this thread live again! here's pics of my baby about to turn 3

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    The wife + chidlet the other day.

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    precious! looks like a daddy's girl though.

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    Oh my goodness Art you lucky lucky human!!

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    So much cuteness!

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    baby girl turned 3 the beginning this month on the 8th

    got this great pic while she was jumping on the trampoline. her cheeks are just so huge! lol

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    Fucking lol, that's gold.

    My baby and wife going for a swim... or flight... our something :-P

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    I like that there's someone in the pool not only fully clothed but also wearing a hat.

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    I hate that I found this thread and have to look at creepy children. I'm going to go vomit now at the thought of all of the scary child birthing vaginas.

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    i'm glad i wasn't the one looking at scary birthing vaginas. i don't know if there's a way to desensitize yourself from that. if you've seen haven't seen them all

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    Happiest. Baby. Ever.

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