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Thread: The Walking Dead (TV Series)

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    The Walking Dead (TV Series)


    The Walking Dead is set to premiere October 31st 2010 with Six episodes on AMC
    Canada will be airing it on SHAW TV
    It will be playing on FX in the UK


    Frank Darabont is writing.
    Frank Darabont is famed as the screenplay writer of The Mist, The Green Mile, and a number of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones episodes. From his take on The Mist, we can guess that he’ll do a great job recreating the tension and bleak nature of The Walking Dead.
    6 More episodes have been ordered already.


    ANDREW LINCOLN will be playing Rick Grimes.
    Best known for his role in the movie "Love Actually", and the British TV series "Teachers"

    JON BERNTHAL will be playing Shane.
    You may know Bernthal from Eastwick, or more recently from The Pacific!

    SARAH WAYNE CALLIES will be playing Lori Grimes.
    Sarah played Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break

    LAURIE HOLDEN will be playing Andrea
    Laurie Holden was in The Shield and The Mist, as well as playing the female cop in Silent Hill

    STEVEN YEUN will be playing Glenn.
    Steven Yeun is a newcomer, but has been on one episode of "The Big Bang Theory", as well as doing voice work in "Crysis" and "Crysis Warhead"

    JEFFREY DEMUNN has been confirmed to be playing Dale.

    Michael Rooker joins as an unknown character

    My guess is Herschel.

    Chandler Riggs has been cast as Carl

    This will be updated as necessary. Right now there aren't any rumored casting that hasn't been debunked in some way

    Frank Darabont says the series will feature ‘a mix of original stories as well as closer adaptations of Robert Kirkman’s epic zombie series’. "We’re much more beholden to [Robert] Kirkman, Which is a comfortable place to be because he has blazed a fantastic trail for us to follow. We will take detours along that path — we will take steps off the trail — but always wind up veering back onto the trail that Robert provides for us, because it’s fantastic stuff. Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, the graphic novel series, is very much a template for us, and it’s a tremendous opportunity to take the subject as serious as possible, and really as a long-term exploration of characters, which is what television does best when television is really working."

    Darabont also revealed that the "Walking Dead" TV series will not be shot digitally. "Actually we’re not going to shoot it digitally, We’re going to go old-school — we’re going to go film. This is going to be a show where people are hiding places and looking out windows and doors and stuff; well, if what’s outside that door is completely blown-out, nuclear white because digital doesn’t have the latitude that film does, you’d better shoot on film because you want whatever is outside to look like outside. You want to see walls and trees, and even if it’s overexposed, there’s a sense of reality to it."

    Update: 05/07/10
    Robert Kirkman talks "Walking Dead" TV Series (Per CBR)
    Walking Dead set to Premiere October 2010

    Update: 06/01/10
    Ain't It Cool Interview with Robert Kirkman, confirms new details

    Update: 06/02/10
    AMC gives first look at the Zombies!

    Update: 6/16/10

    First Production Still!

    Sound off kids, what are your opinions on this?
    Casting hopes?

    I'll add more information to this as it becomes available. I read somewhere that Robert Kirkman is involved with this as a source for the writers, but can't find the link right now.

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    Really looking forward to this, and this reminds me I need to catch up on the comic.

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    How far are you?

    The only TPB I haven't read is the newest one (11), I own the other 10. I can't be bothered to keep up with it in comic form since the comic shop is all the way downtown lol

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    Somewhere around issue #25, so I guess I've pretty much read the first two trades.

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    I remember reading somewhere that the series will follow the books very closely, but it won't tell everything exactly the same as the book and is pretty free to add more things.

    Both of you are about to the point where things start getting REALLY interesting. I think Andrea is one of my favorite characters too. She starts getting more focus later on. I hope she gets her scar in the show as well.

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    I'm not sure where this stacks up with the individual issues, but I read the giant compendium and absolutely loved it. How much more story has developed since the point where the compendium left off? I believe it included issues 1-48?

    I have really high hopes for this series, I hope it turns out well. It looks like they're hitting all the right notes at this point, so we'll see how it ends up.

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    I think 71 is the latest individual comic to come out. The last Trade goes up to Issue 66. Compendium does have up through 48 (Volumes 1 through 8 of the TPB)

    So you could go buy Book 9, 10, and 11 and be caught up.

    The Wikipedia article has all the collected information of what forms it comes in
    The Walking Dead Wikipedia

    That Compendium is crazy huge, I flipped through it in Barnes & Noble one day lol

    Added an interview with Robert Kirkman about the TV series

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    I am excite.

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    I've been pumped for a long time, but seeing that much of the cast officially revealed is exciting!

    By the way, they're filming the Pilot this month! The first 6 episodes are set to premiere in October! (main post updated with link)

    Walking Dead Premiere date

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    Def excited about this as AMC has it going on with Breaking Bad the only thing is that since i have nothing but very super high praise for the comic, it kinda makes me sad that since i know what happens to the characters in the comic that it may happen to them in the tv show.

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    I am so far behind on the comic series (Ended around 30) and just haven't had the gumption to get back into them (No Comic shop where I live anymore....)
    Having said that, this is the best Zombie Comic I have ever read. It's like a good Romero movie that doesn't end. Darabont does great work in adapting Stephen King's work, so I can only hope that they let Darabont work with the material without to many restrictions.
    Here to hoping for a GOOD Zombie TV Show!!

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    I've read 1-7 of those sets they release. I need to get the other ones, but I've been poor and trying to save up some money so I can take my name off the lease of this apartment and get a different one. Will definitely be watching this though.

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    I downloaded issues 1-70 the other day. Waiting for some free time to get into it, I've only finished the first book so far.

    I love me some zombie apocalypse.

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    Love the book so far even though I'm eight or so issues behind. I've reccomended it to at least five different friends and they all stopped because it either too violent or depressing for them. Casting seems spot on so far and it's AMC's track record for shows has been pretty amazing so far. Hopefully the budget isn't so amazing that they can't sustain it.

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    AMC is good peoples. This cannot fail.

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    My god... this can either go really really good or just burst into flames and rape babies....

    I stopped reading the comic when they made his son look like a midget instead of a little boy..*shudder* they tease you with the cover art then when you look in side.. AWWWWW... damn.

    But I am excited to see how this goes since I do love the story just not the new art...

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    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    New interview with Robert Kirkman!

    “I kind of like that the show is going to be somewhat different than the comic, so that it will be a different experience for people who like the comic and read the comic. I’m fine with it being in color and I think it’s going to be great," he said. "Now it’s not going to be a rainbowy bright color kind of show because I know they are doing a lot of visual stuff to kind of dull things down and not put a lot of bright colors on screen and make it visually interesting and fit the tone of the story, but it’s not going to be black and white.”

    Also, Jeffrey Demunn has been confirmed by Kirkman to be playing Dale, which rules. Dale is a vital character.

    You can expect the Gore intact, but language toned down a little for television; no F bombs for one.

    Cliff Notes
    * Season 1 will be 6 episodes
    * The show is an hour long
    * Robert Kirkman is writing Episode 4 and has already handed in his draft
    * The appearance of the zombies is reportedly very true to the comics
    * There will be new characters in the show that aren't in the comics, and new situations
    * We will probably be seeing The Governor at some point (FUCK YEAH)

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    They start filming next week!


    I've never been this excited for a TV series before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    New interview with Robert Kirkman!
    * The appearance of the zombies is reportedly very true to the comics
    Have you guys seen this?

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