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Thread: PS3 Borderlands help?

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    PS3 Borderlands help?

    Guys, I'm just a couple missions away from getting a gold trophy for General Knoxx... I'm on the second playthrough @ lv61.

    Anyone who wants to give me a hand with the last Circle of Duty mission and the couple in the armory (after blowing it up once already) give me a shout. I'm totally getting my butt kicked and random players don't seem to play anything except Cawmerax.

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    Gah. I was playing a lot up until a few weeks ago, completed the main Knoxx mission on playthrough 1. Level ~40

    If you're willing to put it on hold for a while me and a buddy will eventually get to 61 and could help?

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    58 posts since Mar 2010
    Yeah, I could let it wait for a while. It's just trophy-whoring at this point.

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