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Thread: Depression Thread - What takes you out of the dumps and what's been bugging you?

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    Still in a weird place with my DJ friend.

    Went to his place Sunday for his show and ended up hanging out with his BF most of the time because I can only sit around and listen to him play for so long. Turns out his BF has been suffering from depression for some time now. He said he was seeing a psychiatrist and had just started taking medication. He said that it hasn't fixed him but that it's made it easier to find the optimism in his life.

    It was just sort of surprising how open he was about it. No shame or anything which is what I'm used to. I told him if he needed anybody to talk to message me any time. I know he probably won't though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pk fire View Post
    Don't worry too much about it, dude. Most science and engineer majors end up struggling at some point (or multiple points) in their academic careers. The best you can do is learn from this experience, and triple-check next time with your professor so that you know exactly what material will be on the test. I got one C+ in college (And there was a definite possible of me failing) and was fucking miserable as well for a small period of time for similar reasons. Turns out though, no one gives a fuck if you get one or a few C or C+'s during your time in school because no one is perfect, and everyone understands that you're pursuing something that only a small fraction of the world population could even begin to comprehend or commit to.
    This is so true I have my BBA for Marketing and I damn near failed like 3 classes (fuck accounting) and no one, not a SINGLE person or company in my work history since graduating, has asked what grades I got.

    They only really want to know that you can go through 4 years of hell and can apply yourself.

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