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Thread: The Destructoid "Where are You From?" Google map

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    38 posts since May 2012
    we are pretty pervasive

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    DNAiel's Avatar
    17 posts since Oct 2012
    New South Wales now has two (listed) Dtoiders. Does that mean we have to battle or something?

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    36 posts since Jul 2012

    Wonderful, I'm the only spanish at the room

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    I'm the only Spain, though.

    ​I hate myself for making a joke that almost no one will get.

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    I bet NoobSpoon has been in Spain.


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    I get that anal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    I bet NoobSpoon has been in Spain.

    Spain is a frequent destination. Pretty cheap too unless you go to certain areas.

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    36 posts since Jul 2012

    Yes, Spain is one of the best places to visit in relation money / things you get. BUT I live there, not only visit somedays xD. If someone come to Barcelona or Valencia, please, tell me something

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    I think we're talking about molesting teenagers though. I think that's the context.

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    You are solely responsible for any disease you catch while being in Spain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    I bet NoobSpoon has been in Spain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    I get that anal.
    I've heard that rumour.

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    Tiq's Avatar
    261 posts since Oct 2012

    I am now, as they say... all up ons.

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    4 posts since Nov 2012
    Just added mine, looks like I'm the only dtoider in Africa at the moment. Definitely need to work on that

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    tried to change mine. could just add an address... couldn't figure out how to put my name on it...

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    Brassman's Avatar
    5 posts since Feb 2013
    I'm in Amishland. Bring horses.

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    United States of Boobieland - Yes, that's a real place.

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    Scield's Avatar
    2,152 posts since Apr 2011

    I could've sworn I added myself to this but I guess not. I'm added now. Sadly, Florida is a little lack of the Dtoiders

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    Just added myself to the map, making me the only Dtoider living in Louisiana, U.S.A. Yay?

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