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Thread: A Super Significant Hamza Outpouring of Love and Emotion

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    Neonie's Avatar
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    A Super Significant Hamza Outpouring of Love and Emotion

    He's not on any podcasts so he doesn't have his own thread yet. Now he does


    (The video is relevant because of the shark appearance and Gurren lagann theme song)

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    Hamza is a pretty cool guy. I'd put out.

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    813 posts since Sep 2009

    I like Hamza. He's a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.

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    Hamza is the only staff member who is simultaneously a cybernetic tiger (z) and a shark. Therefore he's awesome.

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    Hamza is a tool.

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    Ban hammer = tool.

    I rest Hollie's case.

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    Harris Bueller's Avatar
    5,392 posts since May 2009

    He's always entertaining when he guests on Podtoid.

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    1,914 posts since Apr 2009

    He is the First Shark on Dtoid. EPIC.

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    zombielifecoach's Avatar
    6,180 posts since Sep 2009

    I really don't know Hamza. But when I hear his name, I imagine him to have ripped abs and laser heat vision.

    Both of which are wicked cool.

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    Tubatic's Avatar
    136 posts since Nov 2006

    Hamza is...

    ... a chef knows how to use spices. Hamza Aziz is a spice.

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  13. 01-25-2010, 08:50 AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solgrim View Post
    Who the fuck is Azmah ZTC Ziza?
    I never realized how amazing my name spelled backwards is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamza CTZ Aziz View Post
    I never realized how amazing my name spelled backwards is.
    And if you actually have Asthma, then you could claim that your name is either postmodern, meta, or both.

  16. 01-25-2010, 10:40 AM

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    Hamza deserves this thread. He's one of the reason's I became more active in the Dtoid community.

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    A gun that was made for Hamza.

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