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    destructoid Destructoid Forums Badge List

    Hey you! Want a 40x40 jpeg underneath your username? How about SEVERAL 40x40 jpegs? Fancy eh? Below you'll find a list of the Destructoid Forums badges. Collect them all!

    Have you met the requirements for one or more of these finely-crafted badges? Post in the Badge Request Thread with evidence of your mighty achievement (be sure to include links/photos/timestamps/et cetra). Alternatively, you can pm Mxyzptlk with the goods.

    Destructoid - "Official" badges relating to the site or site features

    - The front page badge. You get this by getting a Cblog promoted to the front page.
    - Got on the front page 5 or more times
    - Start a Thread of the Day as featured on the Destructoid Twitter account.
    - Got Thread of the Day 10 or more times
    - Start a thread that reaches over 1000 pages
    - Win a Dtoid Contest
    - Have a question asked on one of the official shows or podcasts
    - Create something inspired by the site, the community, or video games that is impressive enough to be linked to or featured on a front page article
    - Have been credited at least 5 times for tips on a front page article (Dtoid, Japanator, or Tomopop)
    - Be on the staff roll for Destructoid
    - Be listed as a contributor on the Dtoid staff roll
    - Be a former Destructoid staff member
    - Be on Tomopops staff roll
    - Be on Japanators staff roll
    - Be admin on the Dtoid Forums
    - Be a moderator on the Dtoid Forums
    - Be a member of the Cblog Recaps team
    - Be a Disqus Deputy
    - Be a HUGE member

    Community - Badges relating to the Destructoid community and how we're awesome

    - Host 3 Friday Night Fight sessions
    - For you, the day you organized or won an Unofficial Destructoid Tournament was the most important day of your life. But for him... it was Tuesday
    - Finished 25 games in one calendar year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st) and posted in the Completed Games Thread
    - Finished 50 games in one calendar year and posted in the Completed Games Thread
    - Be the subject of a C-Blog Interview
    - Trade some games in the Trade Yo Games! forum
    - Perform a random act of kindness for another Dtoider (AKA the Ali D badge)
    - Awarded to members whose contributions to the site and community are worthy of song and praise
    - Assume the identity of Mr. Destructoid by wearing his head!
    - Hosted a game of Werewolf (or a variant)
    - Participate in the Destructoid Forums Seacrest Santa
    - Participate in a Chess Club tournament w/o dropping out or complete 10 matches with other members
    - For 25 followers on your blog.
    - Participate in the local RPG group. (

    Events - Obtain proof that you've actually left your parents' basement

    - Hosted a NARP
    - Go to PAX Prime
    - Go to PAX East
    - Go to Gamescom
    - Go to MAGFest
    - Go to GDC
    - Post a pic of you and another Dtoider engaging in an epic Brofist
    - Drive a whole bunch of people around at a major Dtoid Event

    Shows & Podcasts - Jam me jack me push me pull me TALK HARD!

    - Be on Radio Destructoid
    - Be on The Low(er) Tier Podcast
    - Be on Scary Granules
    - Be on PStoid
    - Be on Airport Road: The Podcast

    Miscellaneous - Badges that defy categorization, except in this case

    - Show us your Double Down! (KFC's doesn't count)
    - Create a real game. Not just remaking TicTacToe or something
    - Be old (35+)
    - Been a big help to people with technical problems
    - Given sage fitness advice in The Gym
    - Grow an awesome beard
    - Be a girl gamer. (Given the duality of the beard badge/girl gamer badge, Only girls can get this)
    - For those people who have dedicated a whole room to gaming/have a "gaming cave". Especially for those who have kinda built it themselves

    Retired Badges - Alas, poor badges! I knew them, Horatio, badges of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy

    - Been an active member of the community during the 3rd year anniversary (3-16-09). You must have posted somewhere on the site (cblog/forums/comments) on that date
    - Waxed nostalgic in honor of Destructoid's 4th Anniversary
    - Participated in the Destructoid 5th Anniversary circle jerk
    - Gotten all creative wishing Niero a happy birthday
    - Celebrated Dtoid's 7th anniversary by showing your love
    - Tried something new for the 8th anniversary
    - Be featured on Art Attack
    - Have been on the Podcastle twice
    - Be on RetroforceGO! twice
    - Be on BritToid twice
    - Be in an episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing
    - Be on Failcast
    - Be on Also, Talks
    - Be on the Backward Compatibility Podcast
    - Be on Refused Classification podcast
    - Be on Drunkcast
    - Be on Let's Hope There's a Heaven
    - Heil Grammar!
    - Beedog will let you know
    - Be a member of the AAA squad (Atheistium's Angels of Adventure)
    - Be on Bit Transmission twice
    - Be on Communicast
    - Be on Alcoholocast
    - Be on TARDIScast
    - Be on Personacast
    - Be on Podsumaki
    - Be on Zero Cool
    - Be on 321gocast
    - Be on Robochode or Binary Chode
    - Be on Secret Moon Base
    - Be on Fapcast
    - Be on Podtoid twice
    - Have appeared in the Destructoid Comic. Mikey decides who qualifies for this.
    - Participate in a DToid Community Discusses or one of PhilKenSebben's Community Chats
    - Be featured on Commentoid / Comment of the Week
    - Participate in a MassDebate
    - Be the MOMerator. Happy Mother's Day Zodiac!


    Never going to happen. Sorry Hatman!
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