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Thread: Steam Gift thread

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by d4MLiVE View Post
    And besides its been a few days since I joined and I'm currently at 16. I guarantee that's going to grow.

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    13,535 posts since Mar 2007

    He'll surpass ZP in no time!

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    So the Humble Weekly Sale is giving out Red Orchestra 1+2 and, by beating the average price, the Killing Floor. (About $2.88 now)

    I have a key for Red Orchestra 1 if anybody (That I'm familiar with...) wants it. I have 2 guest passes for The Killing Floor and 3 for Red Orchestra 2 GOTY, and I'll share those with whoever.

    So hit me up. Preferably by PM.

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    1 posts since Apr 2013

    I need: The year of the snake DLC for sleeping dogs.

    U get: Something that's have the same price. Your choice

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    I need: You to make an intro thread.

    You need: To have the intention of being part of the community here before people will care to exchange goods with you, and greater observational skills so that you might ascertain the nature of threads before posting in them.

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    What Tarvu said.

    Also I still have all of those guest passes and the Red Orchestra 1 steam key, if anyone cares.

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    I still have two Arma3 Lite passes if anybody wants one.

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    PappaDukes's Avatar
    13,535 posts since Mar 2007

    Why won't anyone gift me Bioshock Infinite!?


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    You can have an Arma 3 lite pass if you want?

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    Fable III Dog costume.

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
    3,059 posts since Sep 2012

    I also got Steam keys for both Red Orchestra games (Already bought 2 last Steam sale).

    Just make me an offer and we'll see. Partial to shooters. Crysis 2, Bad Company 2, Hotline Miami, or The Showdown Effect will get you in but I seriously doubt anybody here has a spare one of those lying (Crysis 2 is still 40 shitgargling bucks WTELF? [What The Ever Loving Fuck]).

    If you don't have at least a couple hundred posts and have at least a bit of a presence here on the forums I ain't trading shit with you no matter how good your offer is.

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    Hey gorilla, I should be getting some keys for Orion: Dino Horde soon. I've been stuck on that one myself. It's quite fun. Is the Red Orchestra multiplayer only? Does it have bots and finally, would you be interested?

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
    3,059 posts since Sep 2012

    Yeah, it's pretty much multiplayer only. There's a single player but it's essentially just playing the multiplayer maps with bots.

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    I'm fine with that. Kids always interrupt my gaming time anyways. Bastards.

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
    3,059 posts since Sep 2012

    Sent you a PM.

    First Red Orchestra key redeemed. Steam Key for Red Orchestra 2 still up for grabs if you got anything worth trading.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    I have Red Faction: Guerrilla, Red Faction: Armageddon + Path to War DLC to trade.

    I'm interested in any of the games on my steam wishlist: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lizzardpt/wishlist

    Or if you have something that is not on there make me an offer.

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    2 posts since Apr 2013
    i'll take some free stuff, if any1 will give me some

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    Ok, here ya go. You can have my drum set, computer, Xbox, Wii U, and a bag of candy. Just come to my house tomorrow at 6. kthxby.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    Okay guys, Red Faction: Guerrila was traded. I still have Red Faction: Armageddon + DLC.

    And PhilKenSebben was kind enough to give me a second key of Another World, so if you want that, hit me up.

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