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Thread: Steam Gift thread

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    Soon there will be more keys than Steam users.

  2. #382
    I have a spare copy of The Ship. Anybody want it?

  3. #383
    Multiplayer of that has always sounded interesting to me, like a less retarded Assassin's Creed, but I don't think anybody really plays it any more.

  4. #384
    Watermanx's Avatar
    160 posts since Mar 2010

    Flogged the keys to some guys at uni, I'm free.

  5. #385
    I still have the Fable III Dog Outfit to give to a lucky person!

  6. #386
    Such a pity I don't have that game...

  7. #387
    Quote Originally Posted by Watermanx View Post
    Flogged the keys to some guys at uni, I'm free.
    People pay for that? Jeez.

  8. #388
    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    People will pay for data 2 invites yes, you can buy directly into the beta on steam. I've traded a data 2 key for 20 worth of items in tf2 which will one day get me a free game.

  9. #389
    I have more Dota 2 than I can flog.

  10. #390
    Yeah, I need to get rid of this shit. Shame I can't get rid of the one attached to my account aswell :/

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    PappaDukes's Avatar
    13,535 posts since Mar 2007

    I have a Steam key for Metro 2033 if anyone is interested. Just PM me and I'll shoot it your way.

  12. #392
    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    I don't have a good gaming capable PC, but somebody should do that. Metro 2033 is fucking rad.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    I really need to see what steam keys I have from games I don't want to give away

  14. #394
    I have four Dota 2s to hand out if anybody is ill enough to want one.

  15. #395
    I have 507 copies...

  16. #396
    I believe that you have copies but not that you have more than 5.

  17. #397
    I believe you have caught me out.

  18. #398
    I wish I could nuke the copy attached to my account

  19. #399
    I'd like to nuke all things. I just like nuking!

  20. #400
    I mean I wouldn't mind trying a DOTA 2 to see what all the hubbub is.

    EDIT: Loved the letter, thanks.
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