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Thread: Steam Gift thread

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    Zitrone bitte.

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    "I'm trying to ask that woman the time. I know the time but she's hot so stop...no...no...stop saying Zitrone to her"

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    I still have little to no idea what a DOTA is.

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    I'm not an old PC gamer so I won't everything properly but Defence Of The Ancients is a game (or mod idk) which started it's own type of genre.

    DOTA 2 is the sequel. Which is still in Beta?

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    Longest beta ever.

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    I think it's supposed to be sort of like League of Legends-ish - one inspired the other or something like that.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
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    They all circle-jerk ripped each other off. The genre is mostly called "MOBA" (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena I think), though some people are all "MEH, THAT NAME IS DUMB, HURRR" so whatever.

    DOTA 2 is still technically in beta. You can randomly get an invite, or you can buy access to it. It's technically free to play, but again: you can buy access to it.

    I'm in it and have never booted it up.

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    There's a LOTR one being made. Terrible.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
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    Defense of the Ancients was a Warcraft 3 mod which started the MOBA genre, Dota 2 is made by one of the original developers of Dota with valve(the other dev works on LoL i think).

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    If anyone is interested i have a code for Crayon Physics Deluxe on steam that you can take off my hands.

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    Great little game, that.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    we certainly can, and yes the game is awesome.

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    Since we can draw penises together I'll take the code for the game.


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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    Same town? you're probably less than 100 meters from me right now, that's stranger. I sent you it on the facebooks.

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    I've got 2 dota 2 keys if anyone is interested (probably not).

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