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Thread: Badge Request thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Gym badges work like the Tech Support badge, you have to be nominated by someone else for giving lots of fitness advice in the Gym thread. Sorry!
    well that would be cool if usedtabe would nominate me! but ya know...whatevs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Got you both!
    Badass. I appreciate it!

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    vApathyv's Avatar
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    Figured I should check in while I'm waiting for my flight out of Boston, but I just wanted to lay claim to a shiny PAX East badge. Also wore the Dtoid helmet Friday (the new model helmet is AWESOME you guys). I don't have a picture to show for it since I don't really know the people I was taking pictures with (and my phone was dead so I couldn't even get a pic for my own collection), but Power Glove, Changston, Hamza, and MuddBstrd can all vouch for it.

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    I would like to nominate Kyosuke_Nanbu for the Ali D badge. She has helped me through the toughest, most painful week of my life. I'd also like to nominate Panzadolphin56 for the same badge, but because he randomly offered me his shoulder and gave me free stuffs. Just don't tell him I said nice stuff. Guys ego is through the roof lately.

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    Panza's ego is calling me racial slurs, and generally being not pleasant.

    Good guy though!

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    Ah... shucks Phil And I was going to ask about nominating you for giving me those random games.

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    vApathyv's Avatar
    383 posts since Dec 2008

    I actually met Ali D this weekend and it's nice to know the stories are all true. The guy treated me like he knew me for years and was generally just an all-around awesome and lovely guy.

    Also, that accent. That wonderful fucking accent.

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    Believe I've gotten everyone, let me know if I missed someone!

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    vApathyv's Avatar
    383 posts since Dec 2008


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    this happened

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,950 posts since Sep 2011

    Hey, I got my question answered on episode 6 of communitoid. (Yes I know I'm way behind). I asked about Mxy's avatar. Does that count for listener question badge?

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    I would like a PAX East badge please.

    Jess gave me a big ol' smooch in front of nerds everywhere. I could feel the eye daggers.

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    So I'm going to assume that asking for a Forum Badge in like your tenth post is probably bad etiquette.
    However, this would imply that my parents have raised me properly. Evidently, they have not.


    Once a week I fling words at the Cblogs like a chimp flings poo (or was it the other way around?) and pretend it has something to do with the things people posted on Thursday.

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    Shade also won a contest of mine in the cblogs. I dont know if that counts, but I'll link if it does.

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    For the badge it has to be an "official" contest, one held by the site or staff.

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    Well Phil is a mod, and that's technically staff. What's more, the use of "official" in quotation marks implies that there is more than a little bit of leeway here. As such, there is no valid reason to deny Phil to right to put me up for said badge.
    You wanna fight a lawyer on da rules?

    (I'm totally bluffing and/or pulling your leg. Thanks for the Recaps badge, it's shiny!)

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    Im not paid though. Volunteer. PLUS, since we're going by lawyer rules now, I never once held any of my contests in partnership with Destructoid, all solo affairs, out of my pocket (or more recently from devs/publishers).

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