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Thread: Badge Request thread

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    Badges? what R These badges you speak of? Also I think I'm overdue for a 6 year and a 5 year and a 4 Year.

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    Only if you participated in the associated appreciation events, noob.

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    Tarvu, been gone too long also, SEE MY UNICORN, CALL ME NOOB ONE MORE TIME, but damn sucks didn't know there were events.

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    Unicorns are just SUPER GAY HORSES. And yeah, I think they're listed on the badge list linked in the first post but probably are not available now. You should be able to get the 3 year badge though.

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    But I like gay horses " - Awarded to members whose contributions to the site and community are worthy of song and praise" yeah I found the thread a second ago .

    Well thanks for the 3 year info though, doesn't look like much has changed since I've been gone though.

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    There's now less linguistic fascism at least.

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    Yup, the anniversary badges after 3rd year all had a limited window of availability, because Technophile found out what a pain in the ass verifying "post somewhere on the site" was for everyone. So now each year in March there's an anniversary thread where we give people about a month or so to qualify for that year's badge. Sorry!

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    Its all gravy mxy, nice to see your still here, recently got a pc so youll start seeing more of me. this is mxyzptlk is it not?

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    Yup! The Shark wanted us to use our real names so we can pretend to be professional and shit. Awesome to hear you'll be around more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Yup! The Shark wanted us to use our real names so we can pretend to be professional and shit. Awesome to hear you'll be around more!
    So Mom and I are just breaking the rules?

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    No, you're just prouder and more willful than sheeple like me.

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010

    But you've still got part of your user soooooooooo...

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    If you change the number of letters in my middle name as well as make them different letters, it spells "Mxy". So it's practically the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Bloodspray View Post
    So Mom and I are just breaking the rules?
    We are such rebels. Also, my name doesn't shorten to an easy 3 letters like some people.

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    About 3/4 of us call you mom. Last I checked, that's 3 letters.

  16. 01-07-2013, 01:23 AM

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    I should probably request the Cblog Interviews badge, and apologize profusely to Zodiac for not being on the forums ever. http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/C-B...l-213730.phtml

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    vApathyv's Avatar
    383 posts since Dec 2008

    So like, I just started trying to do the forums thing for real this time and everyone was like "Hey, go get your fucking badges you plebeians". So I figured I'd stop by. I'm apparently supposed to have a Front Page badge (http://www.destructoid.com/promoted-...f-236114.phtml), the MAGFest badge (Dyganth/Changston others would vouch for this, also here's picture proof. I'm the incredibly awkward facepalm guy in the middle. It was my first time ever meeting Dtoiders so I was shy as fuck. http://instagram.com/p/UNEQa2Mcet/), and this may or may not count but for the createy thingy. I have a custom-made Dtoid hooded vest that I spiffed up just for Dtoid meetups. It got me almost tackled by Niero. It's this thing. http://imgur.com/XqGZR

    Yeah...that's, uh. That's it. I dunno how forums work.

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    Analoge's Avatar
    852 posts since May 2009

    Hey kids and kidettes (and everyone in-between)! Been a long time since I forummed.

    So, I'm here to set a new precedent in badge history. How you ask? I'll tell you.

    You may not know it, but this pretty girl wasn't always so pretty. As a matter of fact, they didn't even call her a girl when they smacked her butt on her way into this beautiful world. That's right, I'm a transgender woman!

    I think we all know where this is going, but it's my pleasure to spell it out for you. I'M GOING FOR THE BEARD BADGE AND THE BOOB BADGE! Oh, you want proof? Get an eyeful of this bad boy! http://imgur.com/BWEYa Badges, plz?

    Also, how about a transgender pride badge? Am I asking for too much? Can't blame me for trying. Oh, and maybe I'll forum some more when I have the time, now that my internet bf Apathy is here.

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    Everyone wants a piece of Apathy. I feel like there's some irony in there somewhere.

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    Pfft. Y'all aint got shit. Me and Apathy are the official Dtoid Tag Team Champions

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