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Thread: Badge Request thread

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    776 posts since Apr 2009

    If I may, I got through 34 games this year. Hurrah for being house-bound and jobless for most of the year! A badge to signify my ability to sit on my arse and poke buttons would be much appreciated.

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    Your arse poking abilities will now be recognized.

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010

    He is a magnificent arse poker, I can confirm this.

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    I'm far more intrigued by this than I have any right to be.

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    It's gettin' steamy in here.

    Also, I was looking for an animated gif of "gettin steamy in here" and this was the first result:


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    And there goes any interest I had. Thanks Conor.

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010


    Now I just feel weird.

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    Yeah, let's just pretend that didn't happen.

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010

    Hopefully this one works.

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    I finished my Completed Games of 2012 list! Huzzah!

    Also, I completed baby's first game trade. Worth it.

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    My Completed Games of 2012:

    And my beard:

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by BadStar View Post
    I can't believe it! I completed 25 games this year! That's probably more games than I've beaten in any year. Captain N Badge plz?
    Quoted so I don't get lost in the shuffle.

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    Cleaning out my work PC and I actually had a notepad of this saved for a tipster badge:

    I'm such a fucking nerd, but guessing those make the cut? The last story I actually submitted as a tip but it was seen on the forums via the thread I made wearing a horse mask first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StriderHoang View Post

    Also, I completed baby's first game trade. Worth it.
    Have Flamoctapus confirm that the trade went through okay and I'll badge you both.

    Everybody else should finally be caught up, including BadStar, who kept getting missed.

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    Strider is legit, got Adventure Time today.

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    bbain's Avatar
    102 posts since Apr 2011

    I beat 42 games in 2012!

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    Thanks for the badge!

    <3 <3 <3

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    smurfee_mcgee's Avatar
    1,212 posts since Nov 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by bbain View Post
    I beat 42 games in 2012!
    Actually I should have kept track. For badges.

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