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Thread: Badge Request thread

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    Yay, my Dark Souls 2 thread was in The Daily Hotness as thread of the day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace Flibble View Post
    Yup, just er, pages ago.

    edit: gamescom, group photo. Eurogamer is of course harder because I take photos rather than feature in them, but Tarvu nicely confirmed my presence.

    Theres probably a million others I should have claimed by now, but lazy.

    There is one person I do not know the name of in this. Are you that guy on the far left?

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    Yeah, that's Seb.

    He was at EG this year and the year before.

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    Okay, think I got everyone. If not yell at Mxy cuz I'll be busy killing zombies tonight.

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    778 posts since Apr 2009

    I'm like at every event and in no photos ever, 'tis quite a brilliant(ly useless) perk of always being behind the camera.

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    I noticed someone put up a Secret Santa badge on the request thread. I don't suppose I could receive that, since I've been doing that for three years running? Ali D has been a recipient of my presents the last couple of years, so you could ask him if the presents were awesome.

    Also, Funktastic and Glowbear are entitled to those badges as well, since I've received great presents from them.

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    GlowBear's Avatar
    14,752 posts since Oct 2011

    I don't think the badge has been set up yet?

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    Not yet, I think it's still being decided on.

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    Yeah, it's still in discussion to hash out details and artz. If you'd like to further it along head over to the suggestion thread and share your ideas.

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    102 posts since Apr 2011

    I totally forgot to request my PAX Prime badge. Here's a picture of our group at Knutaf's house, from Corduroy Turtle's PAX Prime blog.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The Gym Badge, Werewolf Master, and Communicast badges are live! If you've earned any of those (or in the case of the Gym badge are nominating someone), let us know!

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    I totally earned a Werewolf badge. You were in one of my games, the Supernatural one.

    EDIT- Nevermind, you already got me. I should look before I leap.

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    I might get around to doing one next Summer I guess.

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    Thanks for the badge guys!

    Not sure how the nominations work, but over the years I've seen Gatsby,Poopface,N7 and Moe help people in the gym thread on more than one occassion. Those are who I can think of off the top of my head.

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    mrandydixon's Avatar
    This? This right here? This is why I don't venture into the forums. mrandydixon is offline
    5,595 posts since Aug 2010
    I'll be needing a Seacrest Santa badge once they're up and running, please! I gave to Gatorsax2010 last year (REMEMBER HIM?).


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    noobspoon's Avatar
    863 posts since Oct 2012

    Could i get my creative endeavors badge please?

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    Caught up again, except for people on time out.

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    On the naughty step.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    863 posts since Oct 2012

    Thank you very much, also do we put game master badge requests in here or is that all sorted at once in the completed games thread?

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