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Thread: What Are the Best Video Game Websites?

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    What Are the Best Video Game Websites?

    Video games is a favorite past times for many people around the world. Like any past times, many people are interested in the latest news, gossip, reviews or information of their favorite past times. So where is the best place to find all this information in regards to video games on the internet?
    There are many choices, but the ones I recommend are listed below:
    Large commercial websites: thesis writing service
    These websites are owned by large companies such as publishing houses like Future plc or CBS which often have the latest news and reviews of videogames because of their large influences and capital.
    This website was previously associated with their video game magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly. This website tends to concentrate on hardcore games, but has editorial staffs who give opinions about video game culture, news and opinion. 1up.com was one of the first pioneers of video game podcasting. Unfortunately, some of the editorial staff who gives opinions often are biased due to their favorite games or consoles which skew certain video games opinions.
    Gamespot is one of the oldest video game websites out there. It has wide variety information on many consoles on news, reviews and previews. They have many exclusive previews of videogames not seen on other websites due to their large viewer base. The have a large video section on their website for good videogame viewing. Unfortunately in 2008, they were in a scandal involving advertisers changing their videogame reviews. The result was a resignation of a journalist and banning of gamespot links on certain videogame forums.
    Ign is the largest videogame website on the internet. It has a subscription membership where you pay to see exclusive videos and access on their website. Their servers are very fast as they have servers in many countries. Ign has the most and largest reviews on many videogames. If there is videogame you have never heard of and wanted to see the reviews, ign will probably have it. Unfortunately due to their many reviews, some of their reviews are not reliable or poorly written.

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