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Thread: The Unofficial Doctor Who Thread

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    I"m sure you guys already talked all about it, but I just watched the Mid Season Finale. It made me feel so many feelings and is the only show that can make me cry. Yes the plot holes were so big you could drive through them with a truck but I felt like I was emotionally hit by a truck so I guess that balances it out?

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    I'd like to emotionally hit you with a truck.

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    Well, it would make me cry if it wasn't for for the fact those plot holes undermine the emotional aspect. It's hard not to get worked up, knowing that he could just land the TARDIS outside NY in '37 or '39, and visit them without really affecting the fixed point scenario.

    It's like crying over someone getting a parking space when there's two spare either side of it.

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    There's, like, nothing to be sad about in that episode anyway. The Doctor's only sad because he is pathetically co-dependant.

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    I like your style of flirting.

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    Over all the episode was ok at best, it was too manufactured and had too many plot holes to really enjoy.

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    Being overly manufactured and fenestrated in the plot department is the modern state of Doctor Who.

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    Of the cool Doctor Who oriented things I have seen today, this is one.

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    I'm pretty sure the Christmas special this year was based off a Courage The Cowardly Dog episode.

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    Would not surprise me one bit.


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    I did the first time. I think it is a bad idea because GoT is a much better show. It's actually meant to be a Fantasy epic whereas Doctor Who is one through failure.


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    Amy Pond was a really really nice looking companion I thought so any bad parts of any episode could be forgiven.

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    You seem to have a weakness for the red headed variety.

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    Christmas episode was a bit weak, I liked a lot of character interactions and the moments of humour but the story itself didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, felt way too crowded. I wish they'd drop the whole Christmas Carol thing aswell.

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    Yes. I somehow prefer their shitty stories when they don't have a starting point for conception.

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    It just felt too cluttered, what with the Christmas Carol thing, trying to keep the plot fairly original, re-introducing the new sidekick, and trying to keep to all the conventions that the new Doctor Who is known for going... and all in just an hour. Might have worked better in an hour and a half.

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