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Thread: Dtoid World of Warcraft Guild

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    I'm usually on late-night, but I have wed, thurs, sundays free.

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    Hey guys is the Destructoid guild still active? What server/faction is it on ?

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    DazeKaze Pandarian Windwalker. It shall happen. I told myself I would stay gone from WoW unless Arch Druids and Emerald Dream happened or Pandaria and Monks happened. I wanna be a brewmaster so bad. Its a shame how many people will call this a kung fu panda knock off instead knowing how its always been on the table for years.

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    Played the Monk at Blizzcon. Theres no auto attack, you have to keep jabbing. It's pretty awesome.

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    I'm interested in joining the guild. How many of you are there and how often do you play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    So I bought Cata today.

    When I leveled in Northrend, my gear was awesome; I killed shit real quick, raped in instances, and managed to get level 80 by instancing/finishing one zone.

    It turns out that in that shift to Cata, my gear went from awesome epics and blues to the equivalent of vendor trash. It was taking forever to kill regular mobs in Hyjal; so one member of my guild spent two hours gearing me up. He made me a full tailored cloth set; made me a new necklace and two rings; got my ilevel high enough for Cata dungeons, and hopped on his 85 to help run me through a few instances. He was kinda weird about it all, but either way, it's really weird to think that some dude I barely knew in this gigantic joke of a guild spent all that time helping a stranger out.

    Just one of those cool moments where the social aspect of WoW really shines.
    Should have leveled in the abyss place, it's fucking awesome. Hyjal is whack son

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    Yeah, all it is is sitting in a city waiting for queues to pop. I haven't played in months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    So I canceled my subscription just now. It's kinda occurred to me that this game has become mind numbingly easy.

    I used to love this game because leveling was an actual experience. You'd try to get groups together to run instances, you'd socialize with people in your area. You got into PVP fights that were actually pretty fun, but most of all, you got the sense that with at least some classes, there was a certain level of skill involved.

    Now, the entire game has been streamlined to the point of mind numbing boredom. You join a random group, get insta ported there, get extra exp just for being there; everybody is jacked up with buffs and tears through the instance. I don't really remember the last time I actually paid attention in an instance, and I pretty much never wiped. I actually welcomed wipes because they allowed me to wake the fuck up, it made me think "Oh cool, maybe we'll actually need a polymorph. Maybe this instance will offer me some more stimulation other than saying LOOK AT HOW BIG YOUR CRITS ARE, DOES THAT MAKE YOU HARD? The answer is no Blizzard, it doesn't. It makes me limp.

    So yeah, I'm done. This game really is on it's way out, no wonder the subscribers are quitting in droves.
    For me, the last great expansion was Burning Crusade. After that the whole game just sort of petered out and the magic lasted for less and less each time an expansion came out. That and I see so much of what EQ2 did years before brought to WOW and makes me want to go back to EQ2 since it actually was a pretty challenging game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    You should have told me that before I wasted money on Cataclysm. D:
    I bought it too, thinking the new zones and the old world changes would bring back the exploration and journeys for quests. It did not.

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    So, looking at the lack of posts in here, I imagine that not many people in the community are playing any more?

    Was looking for a UK/Euro guild if one is about?

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    Rather unlikely. There have been a few people playing it in the Steam group, you'd have a much better chance finding people playing TOR but then I think many people are bored of that by now too.

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    yeah, thought as much. got TOR as well, just getting excited for MoP, should get beta access soon.

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    Hey! Anyone in here willing to send me scroll of resurrection for my account? I want to jump back in and start playing again, but I don't really want to buy the last 2 expansions if I don't have to.

    My email is

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    Is this still a thing?
    Do people here even play WoW?

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    Everytime I think about playing I remember at the last minute that it's not going to be the game I want it to be. If people like it now that's great, but I want the pre-Cata, and maybe even BC stuff back. Was more fun to me when you actually had to work with people.

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    Yeah, just the change from Cata to Mists is already huge. But still... all my life I've played on private servers and now it feels real nice being in a server where everything is in its place and works as it should. Even if I'm not happy with most of the changes.

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