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Thread: Escape From Dogshit Island

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    Bob is a dog breeder!

    ...it writes itself

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    So did this ever make it to a pilot or what?

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    I'd watch it. So no, it was not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banj View Post
    Okay, me and Serp are working on an idea for a new TV series called Escape From Dogshit Island and I'm canvassing this cesspool of fucking banality for any gems that might be hidden amongst the pig vomit you call your thought process.

    * A group of people are murdered on Dogshit Island. The final reveal will be that everyone travelled back in time and murdered themselves to prevent some McGuffin from happening.

    * A crazy old man/antagonist called Bob Dogshit (alias) is on the island interacting with the characters "in the now". Final reveal is that he is the protagonist who when he travels back to off himself, chicken out and faked his own murder. The hero is also the villain.

    * Bob Dogshit traveled back in time to fuck his wife one last time before murdering himself, but went too far and fucked his mum instead, thereby becomeing his own father, thereby creating some time vortex bullshit thing and thus the McGuffin.

    *The "escape" in the title is existential.

    ...okay nutfucks, start brainstorming.
    You precious little emotastic non writing fuck wit. I raped a rhesus monkey once and its cold incoherent whine gave me better than you.

    What, the pony asked as mounted by cowboy. Sex? Fuck off Shirley. You are whore. It is a deceit of men to find tragedy so hard of a penis.

    And you, little prince, with the makeup of smearing so fresh upon its face.

    I don't even like sex now.


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    Too bad Banj is dead, I think you two would've gotten along swimmingly.

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    cant you rename the show "lord of the flies"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    Too bad Banj is dead, I think you two would've gotten along swimmingly.
    I remember Banj, he was still here when I first showed up. He would've known I was kidding about that last part. Probably.

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