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    Borderlands Squads or whatever you want to call it

    I'm pretty damn hyped for Borderlands. I hate to fall for it, but I have, so it has become a day one purchase. I just wanted to gauge interest of the DToid community. It would be nice to have an idea who's going to get it and on what platforms. I searched for a thread, but didn't see anything so I figured I'd make one. So something along the lines of this would be nice.

    Here's a look at the character classes more in-depth courtesy of ZippyDuda.

    Spec your characters courtesy of Kauza. A bit late to put this up, but better than never I suppose.


    ***I'll compile all of these into the first post***
    I'll also now add whatever classes people are playing and their level.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Dtoid: CWal37
    Steam: CWal37
    Platform: PC
    Class: I honestly don't know, probably Hunter or Soldier though.

    Dtoid: TewDee
    Tag: xx-Tape-xx
    Platform: PC
    Class: Hunter

    Dtoid: Gyrael
    Hopeful tag: Gyrael
    Platform: PC
    Class: Hunter or Soldier

    Dtoid: Ali D
    Steam ID: alasdair25
    Platform: PC
    Class: any

    Dtoid: Bluexy
    Tag: bluexy
    Platform: PC

    Dtoid: ZippyDuda
    Steam ID: The_End21 (but I go by Zippy)
    PSN: Gladiator_21
    Platform: PC or PS3
    Class: Class: Roland as Medical or Support, or Lilith as Assassin.

    Dtoid: Aerox

    Dtoid: Naim Master
    Steam ID: Styt
    I'll use anyone, since I liked them all, but if I had to choose, Lilth Elemental with some Controller and some Assassin, and Brick as a full Brawler with some Tank...

    Dtoid: Mr. Sadistic
    Steam: mrsadistic
    tag: mrsadistic (maybe)
    Platform: PC
    Class: Hunter, fo sho.

    Dtoid: gamadaya
    Steam: gamadaya
    Platform: PC
    Class: Probably soldier

    Dtoid: Shellsh0cker
    Platform: PC
    SteamID: Shellsh0cker
    Class: Hunter/Sniper or Soldier/Medic, preferably.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________


    Dtoid: jhitcher42
    Hopeful Tag: jhitcher42
    Platform: 360
    Class: Hunter, Soldier, or Demoman.

    Dtoid: Jash530
    XBLTAG: Jash530
    Class: Witch Whore
    Just add me for now and we'll work out the details when the game arrives

    Dtoid: Gatsby
    Gamertag - Gatsby42
    Class - Siren, Hunter

    Dtoid: bastardmaster
    plat: 360
    gt: FeralGoose
    class: Soldier or Siren...maybe Berserker too. Game may require several play throughs.

    Dtoid: DanMazkin
    Platform: X360
    Gamertag - DanMazkin
    Class - Soldier, Hunter

    Dtoid: zombieplatypus
    gamertag - zombieplatypus
    Class - Siren, Soldier, possible Berserker

    Dtoid: Dexter345
    Platform: 360
    GT: Dexter345 (though my friend list is full)
    Class: Either Hunter or Siren

    Dtoid: Kauza
    Plat: 360
    GT: Kauza (just send a friend request if you'd like. Love you all)
    Class: I have no clue yet.

    Dtoid: DaedHead8
    Platform: 360 (probably)
    Gamertag: DaedHead88 (note the extra 8)
    Class: Soldier

    Dtoid: Dr Mexico
    Platform: 360
    GT: DR M3xico
    Class: Lilith (gotta love stat buffs)

    Dtoid: Sad sack

    Dtoid: bbrigg
    XBLive: MadD0ngTannen (That's a zero, not an o)
    Class: Hunter.

    Dtoid: Bulkmailer
    XBL: Bulkmailer

    Dtoid: ChillyBilly
    Gamertag: Chillybill
    Platform: 360
    Class: Soldier

    Dtoid: Son of BaconSandwhich
    Gamertag: NicGuy001
    Class: 36-7 Siren, 13 Solider, 6 Bserker, 10 Hunter
    Availability: Xbox Live, GMT 5-9Pm M-T, 7-11pm F-Sn.

    Dtoid: loszer
    Platform: 360
    xbl: loszerNJ
    Class: solider lvl 28
    __________________________________________________ _____________________


    Dtoid: Daxelman
    PSN: Daxelman
    Platform: PS3
    Class: Dibs on the Chic.

    Dtoid: The Pat Man
    PSN: Patmann2009
    Platform: PS3
    Class: Soldier or Berserker

    Dtoid: ZippyDuda
    Steam ID: The_End21 (but I go by Zippy)
    PSN: Gladiator_21
    Platform: PC or PS3
    Class: Class: Roland as Medical or Support, or Lilith as Assassin.

    Dtoid: Trebz
    PSN ID: Trebztak
    Class: Siren or Soldier

    Dtoid: fetusmilk
    platform: ps3
    class: still not to sure yet. i do like the soldier and the hunter.

    Dtoid: Elsa
    PSN: Elsa
    Platform: PS3
    Class: Siren (because she's the only female class... though I hope to build her more as a tank/heavy... depends on how we can grow the classes re armour etc.)

    Dtoid: ikiryou
    PSN: matsugo_no_mizu
    Platform: PS3
    Class: Roland (for the autoturret upgrades and healing bullets) or Mordecai (for the distant headshots)

    Dtoid: Clyde
    PSN : clyde248
    character : Level 40 Lilith (PS3)

    Dtoid: CelicaCrazed
    PSN: CelicaCrazed
    Class: TBD

    Dtoid: nightv
    PSN: nightv
    Class: level 45 hunter

    Dtoid: Ganjookie
    PSN : Ganjookie
    character : Mordecai Sniper or Lilith Assassin although Roland Healer is looking good too...

    Dtoid: Mix
    PSN: Saffron
    Platform: PS3
    Class: Hunter
    If you add me PLEASE say you are from Dtoid or I WILL NOT accept the invite.

    Dtoid: Squirrelyg
    PSN: Squirrelyg
    Class: Mordecai(Gunslinger)

    Dtoid: zeitgeist
    PSN: zgeist
    Platform: PS3
    Class: Siren and Berserker
    __________________________________________________ _______________________
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