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Thread: The Best Episodes

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    The Best Episodes

    I am relatively new to the vast mythos that is Podtoid but I want to catch up. As you are well aware there is literally weeks worth of Podtoid content and while it is all worth while I am interested in knowing what one might consider 'required listening'.

    Essentially, in your opinion what are the must listen episodes of Podtoid? Be it one that made you laugh like a maniac for no particular reason, one where they were particularly brutal to Samit, or one that was the birth of a meme such as the King of Videogames, bring the best to light for those of us who weren't here to get in on the ground floor.

    (I apologize if this already exists but I did look)

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    Aaron Linde Show, Brad Nicholson's Hard Time...

    Those are the two I remember being brilliant.

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    I love episode 50, the Metal Gear Solid episode, as well as episode 95, Bisontoid, which started the whole movie commentary thing (I listened to this without the movie, and I thought it was hilarious, but it definitely works better if you watch Street Fighter at the same time). And episode 112, for the whole McNugget conversation towards the end.

    Oh, and episode 88, Toucan Rider.

    Those are the only four episodes that I actually re-listen to from time-to-time that I can remember off the top of my head, though... And I haven't listened to anything from before Anthony took over, for what it's worth.

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    More Like Ten Shitloads.


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    Braidtoid (66) was the first ever podcast I listened to and before I knew anything about Podtoid, I was under the impression that every episode had an interview with a game developer or someone from the industry in it.

    Anyway if that stuff gets you off check it out, that and also Jeffetoid (116).

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    Well I thought the Toucan Rider episode was hilarious, you know what happened next..

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    78: Porn and Lisa Frank.

    One of their better discussions, both intelligent and hilarious.

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    Listen to Aaron's first episode (I think it's number 8) if you want to get a good idea about the Rob Summa references. This is a great example of him being an ass and just shouting people down. "You mean there's a demographic other than me!? THAT'S FUCKING STUPID! Devs should cater to me!! You have a different opinion Aaron? FUCK YOU.... YOU'RE AN IDIOT!"

    Paraphrasing, but yeah, basically that. It's honestly a little uncomfortable to listen to these early episodes because of how much of a douche he is... notably if anyone disagrees with him.

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    I've been listening since the episode number was in the early 30s or so, and I don't think there's really been a bad episode yet. Some have been better than others, but you really can't go wrong. Just stay away from the Summa episodes. *shudder*

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    102: Where Chet began.

    17 episodes later...

    119: Chet destroys podtoid.

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    All of them are brilliant.

    Monday to Friday Plane is especially good though.

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    The shows leading up to christmas are the best.
    episode 80 for example.

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    A Podtoid Christmas Charlie Brown is good.

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    I didn't start listening to them until 102 (more ducks, less luck) but it was the one that hooked me, and I think it was a good representation of what podtoid is.

    112 is golden for the nuggets conversation at the end.

    The ones I dig out more than any others are the 95 and 105 commentaries though.

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    If you've got the time I'd suggest listening to as many as you can in order. Singled out certain things can seem out of context and there really is such a deep history that they refer to often.

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    Episode 63 is a must because that is where the idea for BonerQuest was born.

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    Man, they don't talk about BonerQuest enough (ever) any more.

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    I've asked questions that start out legitimate and eventually turn out to be about BonerQuest, but when Rev reads them he leaves out the part about BonerQuest.

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    That's because Bonorquest had its time and now it has ran its course.

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    I think you're confusing BonerQuest with the cheap Color Dreams rip off "Bonor quest". The original is a classic and still holds up well after all this time.

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